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The Easton Synergy EQ30 is a mid-cost composite hockey stick.

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good accuracy, puck goes right where you send it

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feedback from the puck tells you where it is and where you're sending it without looking

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easy to handle the puck with, good control

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good power delivery on slap shots and passes

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doesn't slip out of your gloves, easy to hold on to

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built fairly light, don't normally notice the weight at all

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can't take it into a faceoff without risking breakage

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The Easton Synergy EQ30 is a mid-cost composite hockey stick. The Synergy composite used to make this stick is designed for power and energy transfer. The blade on the Synergy EQ30 is ribbed, making it stiff. This design helps to make shots accurate. This stick differs from the lower cost Synergy EQ20 model in that it has Visible Focus Weight Technology (which redistributes weight to the impact area to control hard passes and keep the puck on your blade), as well as a hybrid Kevlar-wrapped shaft (which helps with impact protection and vibration dampening). However, it lacks the higher cost Synergy EQ40's Multi-Rib and Micro-Bladder blade (which ups the accuracy and power of shots). There are model variations for the Easton Synergy EQ30 composite hockey stick, each with blade options from a selection of NHL hockey players.

  • Flex options
  • Composite
  • Model variations
  • Color: White/Red/Black
  • Synergy construction
  • Ribbed blade
  • Visible Focus Weight Technology
  • Hybrid Kevlar-wrapped shaft
Model Variations
  • Junior - $89.99, 50 Flex, Iginla/Hall blade options
  • Intermediate - $99.99, choice of 65/75 Flex, Hall/Iginla (not available for 75 flex)/Zetterberg (not available for 75 flex) blade options
  • Senior - $109.99, choice of 85/100 flex, Iginla/Hall/Zetterberg/Getzlaf (not available for 85 flex) blade options
  • Synergy EQ30 Grip Junior - $99.99, Flex 50 Hall blade option 
  • Synergy EQ30 Grip Intermediate - $109.99, choice of 65/75 Flex, Hall/Iginla (not available for 75 Flex) blade options
  • Synergy EQ30 Grip Senior - $119.99, choice of 85/100/110 Flex, Iginla (not available for 110 Flex)/Hall/Zetterberg (not available for 110 Flex) blade options
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