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The Easton Synergy EQ50 Skates are an upper mid-cost offering geared toward hockey use.

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great ankle support, keeps everything straight and secure

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can take a fair amount of abuse without showing signs of wear

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good protection for the foot, ankle and lower calf

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design is cool looking, nice lines around the back

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very comfortable right away, no break-in period necessary

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just enough flexibility to enable some movement, great for beginners

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comfortable but you feel like you're skating flat footed compared to CCM SuperTacks

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not stiff or responsive enough for experienced skaters

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The Easton Synergy EQ50 Skates are an upper mid-cost offering geared toward hockey use. The most unique feature of these skates is its trio of carbon composite launch zones, which are designed to increase the speed of your skating by catapulting you forward. These zones are located on the side, tendon and heel of each skate. To help ensure a comfortable fit that is molded to your foot, the Synergy EQ50 Skates have true 360 degree heat customization. The Ideal Fit heel lock allows you to further tailor the fit of these skates. To protect your feet from sticks and pucks, these skates are equipped with a carbon composite outsole. The outsoles of the Easton Synergy EQ50 Skates are designed with Dry Flow, a series of vents that release moisture and excess heat from the insole.

  • Color: Black
  • Three carbon composite launch zones: side-wing spring, flex tendon and heel anchor
  • True 360 degree heat customization
  • Ideal Fit heel lock
  • Pro-molded white felt tongue
  • Lace-bite protection
  • Carbon composite outsole
  • Dry Flow
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