Ooffers a step-down from the company's Synergy EQ3 model and a step-up from the Synergy EQ1 model.

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The Synergy EQ2 is a recreational ice hockey skate from Easton that offers a step-down from the company's Synergy EQ3 model and a step-up from the Synergy EQ1 model. Intended for amateur players who play non-competitively, the EQ2 features Easton's Ideal Fit anatomical heel and ankle foam, a material that breaks in quickly providing optimal comfort sooner after purchase. The liner of the skate is comprised of Nylex, a synthetic nylon/latex hybrid that remains soft and comfortable while maintaining the shape of the boot. The exterior features a lace protection system that aims to minimize "lace bite", a common problem that occurs when laces are tied too tight. The footbed of the EQ2 has a molded design that conforms to the player's foot for additional comfort, while the outsole is injected with a lightweight yet durable material. In addition, the skate features Easton's Bladz blade holder and runner combination, utilizing a stainless steel blade design that prevents rusting and corrosion. 

  • Suitable for amateur rink players
  • Available in youth sizes
  • Synthetic quarters
  • Nylex liner
  • Ideal Fit heel and ankle support
  • Black felt tongue
  • Lace protector 
  • Molded footbed
  • Low-profile injected outsole
  • Bladz blade holder and blade
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01/21/2013 07:33

Great skate!! These are my second pair of Easton skates (first I had the Synergy 525) and after 6 years and trying all the other " big" brands I ended up with the EQ2. The fit is just excellent. Lightweight, extremely comfortable and the best is the position of the blades underneath. With other brands I tend to tumble to the left when I stand up straight but not with these. As straight and steady as they come.
Good job easton!

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