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The Easton Stealth S9 hockey skates are an upper mid-priced offering, a step up from the S5 and the base S1 models.

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Durable microfiber lining wicks away moisture well.

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Insole is thin enough to provide a good feel while still being supportive.

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Metallic mesh is durable, cut/abrasion resistant.

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Traditional, 2-piece tongue design conforms well to the front of the ankle.

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Unique, cool silver design stands out among the crowd.

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Supportive, lightweight uni-body construction.

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Traditional plastic toe cap rather than rubber or composite.

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The Easton Stealth S9 hockey skates are an upper mid-priced offering, a step up from the S5 and the base S1 models. Easton promotes the Stealth S9 as their top traditionally constructed skate. The quarters of the S9 are HyperLite composite (as opposed to the S1's regular composite and the S5's lightweight composite), with a metallic mesh. The S9s have Bio-Dri lining and footbed, which will help to keep your feet dry. Like the S5, the S9 has a Uni-Body construction with pre-formed ankle and tendon areas. The Stealth Padlock ankle design, standard on all Stealth skates, locks your ankle down in the skate. The InTS Integrated Tendon Structure is geared toward offering a comfortable fit. The S9s have a Parabolic stainless steel blade runner as opposed to the Bladz blade runner of the S1 and S5. There are size options available for the Easton Stealth S9 hockey skates.

  • Size options
  • Color: Silver/Black/Red
  • Uni-Body construction
  • Stealth Padlock technology
  • InTS Integreated Tendon Structure
  • Lightweight HyperLite composite quarters w/ metallic mesh
  • Bio-Dri lining
  • Bio-Dri footbed
  • Dryflow outsole
  • Forward Flex design (only on junior sizes 1-3.5)
  • Injected abrasion guard
  • Parabolic stainless steel blade runner
Size Options
  • Senior -  6-12.5 (full and half), D/EE widths
  • Junior -  1-5.5 (full and half), R/W widths 
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03/22/2013 07:21

best skates i ever had

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