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The Easton V12 (SV2) is a high-end aluminum slowpitch softball bat.

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performance improves with use, only gets better with break-in

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Our favorite team bat. The ball flies.

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creates a lot of power when connecting with the ball

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built fairly sturdy, will last a long time before wearing

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durable enough to be shared by the rest of the team and last a full season and still be ready for more

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has as much pop as a composite bat while still being ASA approved

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good grip, easy to hold on to and shift in your hands

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large enough sweet spot to make hitting much easier

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we have had three of these bats, but they dent. The last one dented after one double-header.

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The Easton V12 (SV2) is a high-end aluminum slowpitch softball bat. Easton's O-Zone optimal hitting zone technology is present here. The O-Zone technology consists of a thin-walled barrel, with raised edges at the taper and cap sections. This design increases stiffness along the barrel, which increases the bat's sweet spot. The V12 also has a forged end and concave Mother Load pre-loaded end cap, which helps with the power of your hits. The handle on the V12, with an 100 handle flex rating, has the stiffest handle flex rating possible. The handle on this bat is also particularly thin for a softball bat, at 29/32", and is equipped with Pro-Tack grip. The Easton V12 complies with all major softball association Bat Performance Standards, and is therefore approved for play in the ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA and ISF.

  • Color: Green/White/Silver/Black
  • Handle flex rating: 100
  • 12 element scandium alloy barrel
  • VRS (Vibration Reduction System) rating: 80
  • Hitting area rating: 85
  • Swing weight (M.O.I.) rating: 60
  • O-Zone optimal hitting zone technology
  • Approved for play in the ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA and ISF
  • Ultra thin 29/32" handle
  • Tapered handle
  • Pro-Tack grip
  • 12" barrel length
  • Forged end
  • Concave Mother Load pre-loaded end cap
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