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The Eastern Reaper is a premium model in the Eastern series of Pro BMXs.

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very lightweight, easy to lift and get airborne

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feels sturdy as you ride it, don't have to restrain yourself

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pedals have good grip, won't let your feet slip off

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ships partially assembled, remainder of the setup is easy

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impressive looking matte black rims

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pegs aren't locking pegs, need to be careful about the spin

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sprocket is a weak point, can be bent fairly easily by serious riders

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need to be somewhat comfortable with basic tools to assemble the bike

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The Eastern Reaper is a premium model in the Eastern series of Pro BMXs. Like all the bikes in this series, the Eastern Reaper is built for the advanced tricker. The handlebars that come stock on the Eastern Reaper are 4130 chromoly, which means they will withstand many hard falls. The 8.25" x 28" size of the handlebars helps to ensure smooth steering that is tight when it needs to be. The Eastern Reaper also comes equipped with Eastern Fuquay Flyer grips. These grips help the rider keep a firm grip on their BMX, even when things get dicey. The Eastern Curb Monkey front and rear tires are built to withstand hard falls when they need to. The tires are purported to be durable, which is a must for a trick BMX. There have not been many reviews of the Eastern Reaper, or of the en25T sprocket

  • Sealed bearing bottom bracket
  • Strangler stem
  • Eastern logo alloy front hub
  • Classic rear hub
  • Double wall alloy rims
  • Straight cable
  • Forged alloy brakes
  • Sealed bearing freewheel
  • KMC Z510HX chain
  • Padded pivotal saddle
  • Pivotal alloy seat post
  • Grim Reaper integrated seat clamp
  • Eastern Plastics pedals
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11/11/2010 12:47

whats th best eatern pro bike

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