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The Eastern Dragon is a low-cost model in the Eastern series of Pro BMXs.

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black paint with red accents looks cool

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versatile design ideal for freestyling, vertical ramps, trail

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seat small profile enough to stay out of your way

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extremely maneuverable, ideal for advanced riders

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chainstays are solid, keep everything lined up even under rough treatment

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ideal for street riding, good for taking stairs

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frame can crack within a few months if used heavily

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The Eastern Dragon is a low-cost model in the Eastern series of Pro BMXs. This is a high-level bike made to respond to the needs of the advanced rider. The Eastern Dragon has handlebars that are 4130 chromoly, which means they can stand up to punishment. The 8.25" x 28" size of the handlebars helps to ensure controlled steering. The rugged Eastern Fuquay 20" x 2.3" tires that come stock on the Eastern Dragon are made to perform well in many different kinds of terrain. They too are durable. The Eastern Dragon is also equipped with Eastern Plastics pedals. These pedals are designed to keep the rider's feet in a secure position while they ride. While there are many decent features here for a fairly low price, there have not yet been many reviews of the Eastern Dragon.    

  • Sealed bearing 45/45 internal headset
  • 25T Medusa sprocket
  • Sealed bearing bottom bracket
  • Eastern Choker stem
  • Eastern logo alloy front hub
  • Sealed bearing alloy rear hub
  • Alloy 36-hole rims
  • Straight cable
  • Forged alloy rear brake
  • Forged alloy brake levers
  • 9T freewheel
  • KMC 410H chain
  • Pivotal plastic saddle
  • Pivotal alloy seat post
  • Grim Reaper style Integrated seat clamp
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