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The Eastern Boss is a premium model in the Eastern Team line of BMXs.

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stylish silver finish, looks like a serious machine

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versatile design is right for freestyling or trail riding

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great maneuverability, handles vertical ramp with ease

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built with light weight materials, makes hops and hills easier

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can handle a few hard landings and falls without damage

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smooth ride for street riding, rolls up curbs and over potholes

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100% chromoly , with convertible rear hub ......

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hard to customize, parts are all extremely secure

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The Eastern Boss is a premium model in the Eastern Team line of BMXs. This is a top-of-the-line bike made for serious riding. The handlebars on the Eastern Boss are 4130 full chromoly Wonder Year bars. These are quality bars that will help the rider pull a variety of manoeuvres. The Eastern Boss also comes equipped with Fuquay Flyer grips. These grips ensure that the rider feels they have a good grip on their bike. The Eastern Curb Monkey tires that come stock on the Eastern Boss help the rider to feel confident in a variety of environments. Though there appear to be many quality features here, the Eastern Boss has not been reviewed much. This is true for most of the bikes in the Eastern line of BMXs. 

  • Sealed bearing 45/45 internal headset
  • 25T Medusa alloy sprocket
  • Sealed bearing bottom bracket
  • Deceptikon stem
  • Eastern logo front hub
  • Eastern classic rear hub
  • Alienation rims
  • 14G spokes
  • Straight cable
  • Forged alloy brake lever
  • Dia Compe Box rear brake
  • Sealed bearing freewheel
  • Half-link chain
  • Pivotal plastic saddle
  • Alloy Pivotal seat post
  • Grim Reaper seat clamp
  • Eastern Plastics pedals
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