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The Eastern Axis is a high-end bike in the Eastern series of Pro BMXs.

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can handle street, park and trail riding equally well

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light enough to hop up on curbs with little effort

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bright paint finish is stylish and cool looking

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can handle hard riding without showing damage

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has a longer top tube for taller riders

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pedals are a weak point, can end up cracking

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tends to sit really low, feels awkward for some riders depending on build

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my friend was tail tapping up on a quarter and he jumped back in and his forks broke and he knocked his teeth out Sooo...

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The Eastern Axis is a high-end bike in the Eastern series of Pro BMXs. Like all the bikes in this series, the Eastern Axis is made for advanced tricking. The handlebars that come stock on the Eastern Axis are 4130 chromoly, which means that they will stand up to punishment. The 8.25" x 28" size of the handlebars will also help the rider to steer where they need to go on the track. The Eastern Axis also comes equipped with Eastern Coral grips. These ensure that the rider keeps a good hold on their bars, a feature that is key to confident tricking. The Eastern Curb Monkey front tire and Eastern Burnout rear tire are made to stand their ground and support hard landing and quick stops. There have not been many reviews of the Eastern Axis, or of the entire Eastern Pro BMX line in general.     

  • Sealed bearing 45/45 internal headset
  • 25T sprocket
  • Sealed bearing bottom bracket
  • Choker stem
  • Eastern logo alloy front hub
  • Classic rear hub
  • Double wall alloy rims
  • 14G spokes
  • Forged alloy brakes
  • Forged alloy brake levers
  • 9T freewheel
  • KMC Z510HX
  • Pivotal plastic saddle
  • Alloy pivotal seat post
  • Grim Reaper integrated seat clamp
  • Eastern Plastics pedals 
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