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NHL 10 is the 2010 version of the long running hockey video game series developed by EA Sports.

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lots of new GM-specific challenges and rewards as well as new game modes

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on par with the greatest sports games of all time

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good improvement over NHL 09 while keeping everything that made that game great

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the AI is adaptive and challenging, keeps you on your toes

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single player experience is deep enough to keep you entertained for literally hundreds of hours

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gives you great control of aiming the passes and shots

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lots of extras like scuffles after the whistle, goalie animations, and board play

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can't do co-operative play online, can only compete against each other

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NHL 10 is the 2010 version of the long running hockey video game series developed by EA Sports. There are over 200 new gameplay refinements in this version and several other new features.  The all new first-person fighting enging lets players go face to face with an NHL tough guy and gives them the ability to tug on their jersey and throw and dodge punches. On ice toughness and intimidation is taken to a new level making one-on-one battles for the puck on the boards a test of will and skill, with an all new board physics engine allowing players to shield the puck on the boards and make a kickpass to a teammate. Bigger players will pin smaller players against the boards while fans bang on the glass. A new 360° precision passing mechanic lets you control the speed and direction of passes with the ability to bank passes of the boards and kick poor passes with your skates up to your stick. New ways to score include one-timing loose pucks and batting pucks out of the air, puck handling and shooting from your knees and lifting a leg to fake a shot. The goaltender intelligence has been improved in combination with 250 new goalie animations for a more realistic goaltender performance.  NHL 10 is available for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

  • 200 new gameply refinements
  • New first-person fighting
  • New board mechanics
    • Shield puck
    • Kickpasses
  • New 360° precision passing mechanic
  • Improved goalie intelligence
  • 250 new goalie animations
  • Intimidation tactics
  • Interactive crowd atmosphere
  • Post whistle action
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