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Madden NFL 12 is a football simulation video game from the EA Sports company, developed in conjunction with EA Tiburon.

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You have more control over your roster in franchise mode (cut players every week during the preseason)

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The soundtrack does not disappoint

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Player movement is incredibly realistic- players move like they do in real life

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Improved tackling- much more realistic

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Gives you the ability to import a draft class from NCAA '12

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Free agency period in Franchise mode is much more detailed

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Pregame presentation is incredibly realistic- feels like a television broadcast

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Sometimes the play-by-play is delayed and it takes away from the realism

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Linebackers jump too high- can't fit any passes over their heads

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Still has some issues with the ball not acting realistically

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Offers few significant changes from last year's version of the game

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Can be annoying when your defensive players fail to intercept balls they should be catching

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Madden NFL 12 is a football simulation video game from the EA Sports company, developed in conjunction with EA Tiburon. Marking the 25th consecutive title in the series since its inception in 1988, this version incorporates a number of never-before-seen features for advanced football simulation. A revamped collision engine gives users full player control right up to the point of impact, maximizing physical realism through more than a hundred potential tackle combinations. Improvements in Artificial Intelligence make it possible for computer players to recognize and react to plays in a truly authentic manner, providing gamers with an unprecedented level of realism. Madden's classic "Franchise Mode" has been configured to feature start-of-season free agent bidding wars with a full pre-season training component, allowing users to trade and make cuts like a real coach would. Players can also be edited at any time regardless of their skill or experience level, with retirement logic and salary levels more true-to-life than ever before. 

  • Available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Playstation Portable and Playstation 2 gaming consoles 
  • Revamped collision system 
  • Custom playbook functionality 
  • 32 team-specific "run-outs" with cheerleaders and mascots 
  • Updated player equipment, helmet logos and pylon/ball physics 
  • Player degradation system - affects players and uniforms based on field and weather conditions
  • Revamped A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) engine 
  • "Classic Controller" support for Nintendo Wii version 
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