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EA Sports MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a sports/fighting game for the PS3 and XBox 360.

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visit different gyms and trainers from all over the world to hone your different MMA skills

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build your own Fight Card - similar to build your own Pay-Per-View in the UFC titles, match up CPU opponents to fight to build anticipation for your own

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intuitive controls

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great immersion - life-like, brutal combat

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live broadcast - allow friends to watch your fight on their consoles or PCs

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strategic MMA mentality - fake out and break down your opponents stamina in order to gain a positional advantage, and a better chance of landing more damaging blows

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great foundation for future game releases

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lacks the big names everyone knows and loves from the UFC

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few game modes

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nothing to do outside of training and fighting in career mode

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doesn't feel right when playing against the CPU - only truly balanced feeling against another human opponent

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EA Sports MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a sports/fighting game for the PS3 and XBox 360. Aimed at fans of Mixed Martial Arts and UFC, EA Sports MMA attempts to balance realistic graphics and true-to-life, cage matches with fun gameplay while still providing a deep combat system.

EA Sports MMA features an impressive roster of real life MMA fighters from around the world and even provides accurate entrances for each combatant. Featuring 5 different weight classes (Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight and Lightweight), EA Sports MMA offers a comprehensive gameplay experience for those who have always enjoyed UFC and MMA as well as for players who have no familiarity with either sport.

  • Realistic graphics
  • True-to-life fighting experience
  • 5 weight classes: Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight and Lightweight
  • A massive roster
  • Commentary by Mauro Ranallo and Frank Shamrock
  • Pride-style rules in addition to standard Unified Rules
  • Deep clinchwork and countering system
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