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EA Sports Active is a fitness program developed by EA and is made for the Wii console.

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Can be used with the Wii Balance Board.

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Fairly accurately replicates a wide variety of active activities.

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Can actually be challenging, offer a good workout.

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The one-on-one sports challenges are very fun and addictive.

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Exercise options are varied, preventing boredom from setting in.

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Some exercises aren't very good without the Wii Balance Board.

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The included resistance bands aren't very durable.

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EA Sports Active is a fitness program developed by EA and is made for the Wii console. It will be released in May 19, 2009.  It is a union between fitness and games, utilizing the Wii remote and other peripherals built by EA such as resistance bands and straps to let users work out while playing a Wii game such as playing tennis or running etc. The focus of the marketing is mainly mothers in their mid 30s, even though EA Sports president Peter Moore asserts that it is "gender-neutral, age-neutral, fitness-level-neutral."  EA sports saw that the fitness-Wii market was proven by Wii Fit (a product launched last year selling more than 2.3 million copies and earning $210 million in the US alone).  However, EA sports active complements that market: Wii fit is modelled after the East Asian way of fitness that focuses on stretching and balance, rather than weight loss favored in the west.  That's exactly what EA Active is for.

It gives a daily 20 minute program where users follow fun onscreen instructions, such as running, squating, marchial arts aerobics etc that helps them lose weight.  It also includes a complete nutrition plan, weight and heart rate monitors, and a totally customizable workout schedule that can be shuffled the same way songs are shuffled in an iPod playlist. EA says that this is a first product in a complete product line that will constantly be updated with new releases, such as EA Sports Active Abs etc. 

  • Track progress: built-in journal to help users monitor progress. Users can set fitness goals then check back daily to see progress. It is also used to log information about diet.
  • 30 Day challenge: A program for users to achieve fitness goals in 30 days. A new workout is introduced every day—each is made up of exercises tailored to users fitness level and geared toward their goals. As users stronger over time, the program adapts to keep them motivated and challenged
  • Activities: Dancing, inline skating, tennis, volleyball, marshal arts aerobics, running, squatting etc.
  • Virtual Trainer: Just like a personal trainer at the gym, EA SPORTS Active's virtual trainer guides and motivates users to reach fitness goals. Throughout each workout users get instructions, instant feedback, encouragement, and tips.
  • Multiplayer mode: to play with family and friends.
  • Peripherals: resistance band for activities like bicep curls and shoulder presses. With the leg strap the Wii controls track users moves to instantly bring them to life on screen and give feedback on technique.
  • Optional: EA SPORTS Active with the Wii Balance Boards. 
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