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The SP Winter Sport 3D is a high-performance winter tire from Dunlop that offers a step-up from the SP Winter Sport M3 model.

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maintains good handling in deep snow, can still handle corners well

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manages to get a grip even on sheer ice

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great grip in wet weather, sails through puddles with ease

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so quiet in colder temperatures you can barely hear it

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handling on dry pavement is above average, especially for a winter tire

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tire wears out much quicker than most

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in warmer temperatures the tire tends to get loud

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weak spot is in melted snow, where it tends to lose a lot of traction and slide around

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The SP Winter Sport 3D is a high-performance winter tire from Dunlop that offers a step-up from the company's SP Winter Sport M3 model. Designed for use with a variety of vehicles from coupes and sedans to luxury and sport-style cars, this model provides sufficient traction in dry, wet and snowy conditions. Utilizing a state-of-the-art reactive silica ingredient, the Winter Sport 3D can maintain high levels of elasticity in low-temperature conditions that allows for maximum traction levels. A directional tread design is included to decrease the likelihood of slipping, sliding or hydroplaning, and three different kinds of sipes contribute to the overall safety of the tire. Mentioned in the name of the product, 3D sipes are built into the shoulder blocks of the Winter Sport 3D to increase stability at high speeds. In addition, Dunlop's Jointless Band technology works with the twin steel reinforcement belts on the inside of the tire to optimize patch contact during less-than-ideal road conditions. 

  • Optimized for dry, wet and snow conditions
  • Suitable for coupes, sedans, luxury cars and sports-cars
  • Active Traction sipe System
  • Jointless Band technology
  • Multi-Radius tread technology
  • Reactive Silica technology
  • Twin steel reinforcement belts
  • Severe Snow Service authorized¬†
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