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The Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT is a premium summer tire designed for high performance vehicles.

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can hit puddles at higher speed and they still won't hydroplane

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feels very responsive to your steering, great feel

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cornering is stable and controlled, can take them at high speeds

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grip in the rain is excellent, stick to the pavement well

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great braking distances, will stop quick

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can accelerate sharply from stopped and it gets grip quickly

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a little noisy on the highway, can even hear them in the city

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The Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT is a premium summer tire designed for high performance vehicles and features Kevlar reinforced sidewalls. This material improves driver feedback by strengthening the contact between tire and wheel, also improving stability while cornering. Some common features also found in the similar SP Sport Maxx GT include Jointless Band Technology (JLB) which is an internal layer of synthetic fiber that helps keep the tires' shape while at highway speeds and also reducing flatspotting when the car is parked for extended periods. A flat profile is also beneficial which keeps more tread on the road, using a Multi-Radius tread design (MRT) for even dispersion of pressure across the tire surface. Max Flange Shield (MFS) rubber guard reaches beyond the rim and wraps around the lower sidewall of the tire to protect rims from accidental curb damage, and, a Unique Bead Fit system helps improve force transmission between tire and wheel for enhanced driver feedback. Not recommended for winter driving or freezing conditions.

  • Dupont Kevlar infused sidewalls
  • Multi-Radius Tread Technology (MRT)
  • Jointless Band Technology (JLB)
  • Asymmetrical tread enhances dry cornering and wet traction
  • Max Flange Shield (MFS)
  • Unique Bead Fit System
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