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The Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT is a premium performance grade summer tire designed for true sport vehicles.

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sticks to wet pavement well, only a slight loss of performance

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quiet at all speeds before tread wear starts to affect it

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excellent grip on the road when braking and accelerating

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non-directional tread makes it a bit easier to rotate them

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comfortable ride overall, absorb the road's little bumps

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handle corners and curves gracefully, very smooth at speed

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can drive on them for up to 50miles after a blowout, nice safety feature

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poor in the snow, dramatic loss of traction

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sidewalls aren't very strong, can be blown within the first few thousand km

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after about 32k miles the tires get a little noisy

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The Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT is a premium performance grade summer tire designed for true sport vehicles. Touch Technology is a name given to a group of features found in Dunlop's performance sport tires. Some of these features include MRT or Multi-Radius Tread Technology which offers a flat profile for maximum surface contact and pressure distribution, reinforced sidewall construction which allows you to continue to drive up to 50 miles after tire pressure is lost, non-directional tread design for minimizing tread wear when rotating tires in staggered arrangements, and, a unique Bead Fitment System which improves the force transmission between tire and wheel for enhance driver feedback. Like the SP Sport Maxx, it employs an internal strengthening material called Jointless Band Technology or JLB which helps maintain tire shape at highway speeds as well as preventing flatspotting when the car is parked for long periods. These are made for summer wet/dry use and not recommended for winter or freezing conditions.

  • Multi-Radius Tread Technology (MRT)
  • Jointless Band Technology (JLB)
  • Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology: Up to 50 miles at 55 mph after pressure loss
  • Asymmetrical tread enhances dry cornering and wet traction
  • Non-directional tread design
  • Unique Bead Fit System
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