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The Signature CS is an all-season tire from Dunlop that is designed primarily for crossover utility vehicles.

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drive quiet in the city and on the highway, don't generally notice any noise from them

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grip on the snow is above-average for any all-season tire

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off-road driving remains fairly good, deals well with mud and gravel

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tread wear is very good, take a long time to wear down

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manage rain very well, no hydroplaning or pulling at the wheel

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braking times, whether on dry or wet pavement, are always very good

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not the stiffest sidewalls, lose just a little responsiveness when taking hard corners

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get very noisy when they start to wear down

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The Signature CS is an all-season tire from Dunlop that is designed primarily for crossover utility vehicles. Also suitable for sport utility vehicles and light pickup trucks, this model is designed to provide sufficient year-round traction on dry, wet and snowy road conditions. Utilizing a symmetrical tread design with a continuous center rib, the Signature CS provides enhanced directional ability. Dunlop's own Equava grooves are included, and claim to provide quick and efficient water evacuation that minimizes the chances of slipping, sliding and hydroplaning on wet roads. Another of Dunlop's technologies comes in the form of VersaLoad, a design that intends to provide consistent handling and ride comfort over a wide variety of load weights and distributions. The interior of the tire features Jointless Band technology, a process that helps to maximize performance at high speeds without compromising the shape of the tire. In addition, Multi-Pitch tread design reduces noise levels and promotes a more comfortable ride in general. 

  • Optimized for dry, wet and snow road conditions in all seasons
  • Suitable for crossovers, SUVs and light pickup trucks
  • Symmetrical tread design
  • Continuous center rib
  • VersaLoad technology
  • Jointless Band (JLB) technology
  • Equava grooves
  • Multi-Pitch tread design¬†
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