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The Rover RVXT is an on/off-road, all-terrain tire from Dunlop, an alternative to the other models in the Rover series.

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tread wear is even, can forget to rotate them without major risk

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work well as all-terrain tires, can take them off-road with confidence

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fairly quiet when driving on pavement for off-road tires

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works well in snow, great traction in the winter

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braking in wet conditions is responsive and strongly resists slipping

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cosmetically a good looking side wall design, looks strong and bold

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some internal separation can occur in high-temperature climates

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need to be careful of over-inflation to avoid excessive wear in the center

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The Rover RVXT is an on/off-road, all-terrain tire from Dunlop that offers an alternative to the other models in the company's Rover series. Designed for use with light trucks and sport utility vehicles, this model claims to provide the comfort and safety of an on-road tire while also being built to handle off-road environments. Featuring a 4-rib independent block pattern, the RVXT's tread extends beyond the shoulder and onto its sidewall for rougher terrain. Deep circumferential grooves provide maximum traction, while lateral grooves and sipes decrease the chances of slipping, sliding or hydroplaning on wet, snowy or icy roads. The interior of the tire is fitted with two steel belts for improved strength and durability, and are used in conjunction with Dunlop's own Dimensionally Stable Polyester (DSP) cord to ensure a smooth and even ride. 

  • Optimized for on/off-road and all-terrain conditions
  • Suitable for light trucks and SUVs
  • 4-rib independent block pattern
  • Deep, circumferential grooves
  • Lateral grooves and sipes
  • Internal twin steel belts
  • Dimensionally Stable Polyester internal cord
  • Service Snow Standard authorized¬†
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