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The Rover M/T Maxx Traction is a high-performance on/off-road tire from Dunlop.

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work well over rocks, good climbing action

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traction on snow-covered roads is great, gets a grip right away

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work their way through deep mud without getting stuck

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noise is minimal compared to most winter tires

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go a long way without showing signs of wear

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starts and stops are smooth, no squealing of the tires

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reasonable traction on sheer ice

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The Rover M/T Maxx Traction is a high-performance on/off-road tire from Dunlop that offers an alternative to the other models in the company's Rover series. Designed for use with a variety of vehicles from light and full-size pickup trucks and vans to sport utility vehicles and other commercial-grade vehicles, this model that includes a number of important on and off-road components that make the tire suitable for a wide array of conditions from dry, wet, and snow to dirt sand and mud. Center lugs help to provide a quiet and comfortable ride during on-road driving, while center traction lugs improve traction in off-road environments, especially during start-up and braking. Interlocking zig-zap sipes further provide traction and stability in less-than-ideal conditions, and self-cleaning shoulder channels help to keep the tire free of residue and potentially harmful build-up. The Rover M/T Maxx Traction also utilizes rim flange protectors that act as a shield towards off-road debris. 

  • Optimized for dry, wet and snow on-road conditions and dirt, sand and mud off-road conditions
  • Suitable for light and full-sized trucks, vans, SUVs and other commercial vehicles
  • Asymmetrical tread pattern
  • Independent, outboard square-edged shoulder lugs
  • Outboard and inboard center traction lugs
  • Inboard notched and siped shoulder blocks
  • Twin internal steel belts
  • Rim flange protectors
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