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The Dual XDV8125 is a high-end car A/V receiver/ head unit with a full colour 2.5" TFT display.

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controls are simple and easy to work with as you drive

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TV tuner grabs a good range of over-the-air broadcast stations

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installation is simple enough for anyone to attempt

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attractive design that looks very impressive in the dash

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screen is very small and, even though it's sharp, at this size it's not reasonable to watch any programming on

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sound output is mediocre, not any better than the typical OEM head unit

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doesn't play DVDs despite having a small video screen

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The Dual XDV8125 is a high-end car A/V receiver/ head unit with a full colour 2.5" TFT display. It features 2 sets of complete audio/video auxiliary inputs, 3 pairs of preamp audio outputs and 1 video output for a complete in car entertainment experience. Additionally, the XDV8125 boasts CD-R/RW playback support as well as an AM/FM radio tuner.

The XDV8125's audio/video auxiliary inputs allow for game consoles such as the PS3 or Xbox 360 or portable DVD players to be used either on the XDV8125's inbuilt 2.5" display or by way of a portable monitor/television via its video output. Meanwhile, the XDV8125's CD-R/RW compatibility allows for mp3 and/or wma encoded discs, offering support for ID3v1 mp3 and wma tagging.


  • CD player, AM/FM radio, and TV tuner
  • 88 watts of total peak power (4 x 22 watts)
  • 2.5-inch LCD screen with 480 x 234-pixel resolution
  • Compatible with CD-R/RW discs; supports mp3, wma
  • Two sets of AV inputs for connecting to a DVD player, game console, or other video source
  • One video out for use with portable displays
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
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