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The Dual XDMA6355 is a mid-range single-DIN car audio receiver similar to the Dual XDMA6330BT.

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AUX input works with pretty much any portable device

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pretty simple to install, amateurs can handle it without much trouble

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USB function reads storage devices quickly

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buttons shift around a bit when you press them and the plastic itself feels cheap

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doesn't play all MP3s, some problems with compatibility

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mids are overly crisp, seem artificial

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equalizer is pretty basic and can't account for the bias of the device

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highs are overblown and can seem a little annoying

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The Dual XDMA6355 is a mid-range single-DIN car audio receiver similar to the Dual XDMA6330BT. The only significant difference between the XDMA6355 and XDMA6330BT is that the XDMA6355 does not come with Dual's BTM60 Bluetooth module like the XDMA6330BT (although the XDMA6355 and BTM60 are compatible). Otherwise, the two head units sport the same features, namely: CD-R/RW compatibility, full support for iPods and iPhones and support for USB flash drives.

The XDMA6355's CD-R/RW compatibility allows it to play properly closed home-recorded audio CDs as well as mp3 and wma encoded CD-R/RWs with full support for ID3v1 and wma tagging. Additionally, the XDMA6355's front panel USB port allows it to interface directly with iPod/iPhone units with full support for song/artist information display as well as song/artist lookup while also allowing for direct mp3/wma playback from most USB flash storage units.


  • Front panel USB connection supports MP3/WMA files from most mass storage devices
  • Direct iPod/iPhone control via USB
  • MP3/WMA encoded CD-R/RW playback
  • 200 Watts Peak (50x4)
  • 3.5mm front panel input
  • AM/FM radio tuner with auto station store
  • Infrared remote control included
  • Compatible with the BTM60 Bluetooth module (sold separately)
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