Single 8-inch Amplified Bandpass, Illuminite, 160-Watts-Illuminite cool blue illumination.

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Single 8-inch Amplified Bandpass, Illuminite, 160-Watts-Illuminite cool blue illumination; 2-inch Kapton 4-layer voice coil; Stamped steel frame with chromed backplate; DVC; Dual 2-ohm voice coil; Heavy duty 30-oz magnet; Full view plexiglass window; ATCS; Advanced Temperature Control System; Low level inputs (RCA); High level inputs (Speaker).Item cannot be returned.

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  • Input Sensitivity (RCA) 50mV - 3V
  • Frequency Response 20-200Hz
  • Impedance 4 Ohms
  • Illuminite cool blue illumination
  • 2-inch Kapton 4-layer voice coil
  • Stamped steel frame with chromed backplate
  • ATCS - Advanced Temperature Control System
  • Power Handling: 80-Watts RMS / 160-Watts Peak
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My head unit has a single RCA sub output, do I need a splitter or will it work with just the one input?

    You will need a splitter for aftermarket stereos; I installed my Dual SBP8A direct-to-factory speaker wiring harness (MONO set-up) because I used my factory head unit, but when using RCA cables for an aftermarket head unit you will need to use a splitter. I helped someone recently with an in dash DVD/CD player installation and it had only one SUB INPUT so he had to use a splitter.

  • Could I get 2 of these and put it with a 5.2 receiver and use it as surround sound bass and would it sound good for movies, or just for music in cars

    Better not use this in a home setting and here's why: this unit (and 99% of all automotive electronics) use 12 VDC. Our homes supply 110 VAC. To convert home power to something useable would require a separate transformer-and it would need to be much bigger and more robust than a simple wall wart. You could do it but it could be costly. Would it sound good? Possibly, but the sound of this sub is designed for the small space of a car-which helps low end response-not a room, even a small one.

  • Could I run 200RMS on this?

    The amp is built in, no need to run anything other than power, ground, remote turn on, and RCAs.

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