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Make clean straight cuts in long boards such as plywood with just one hand and clear line of sight.

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The Dremel Ultra-Saw is a mini circular saw that was designed for users who want a tool that can do everything the Dremel Saw-Max can do, and more. With a 7.5-amp motor and a durable drive train, the Ultra-Saw has more power for making long cuts. A metal foot and guard resists the heat generated by heavy-duty jobs like grinding and cutting metal. Large, 3.5- and 4-inch cutting wheels give our small circular saw fast cutting speeds and improved performance in a wide variety of materials. Plus, with our exclusive accessories, the Dremel Ultra-Saw offers the added ability to perform surface preparation tasks like removing paint, rust and thin-set mortar.

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  • 3-in-1 Tool for Expanded Versatility: Go beyond just cutting- with the added benefit of surface preparation and flush cutting applications
  • Faster Speed of Cut: Rip through plywood and cut more metal
  • Added Durability: Long lasting drive train, metal foot and guard to take on more difficult tasks
  • Adjustable depth guide and plunge action for precision and control
  • Cuts and Preps Widest Variety of Materials - Cuts wood, plastic, metal, tile, masonry and more
  • Two Wheel Positions - For rip cuts, flush cuts, plunge cuts and material removal
  • Powerful 7.5 Amp Motor - For tough applications
  • Clear Line of Sight and Adjustable Depth Control - Allows you to see your cuts for ultimate precision and control
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Flush Cutting

If your project involves making a cut against another material, such as cutting baseboards for flooring installation, you would need a tool that allows for flush cutting. By turning the Dremel Ultra-Saw sideways and using the US600 flush cut blade, you can make flush cuts into soft and hard wood, plywood, composites, laminate flooring, drywall, PVC and plastic.

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Rip Cutting

The Dremel Ultra-Saw’s powerful 7.5 amp motor and larger wheels allows users to rip right through a variety of materials with ease. Make clean straight cuts in long boards such as plywood with just one hand and clear line of sight. The Ultra-Saw handles a variety of materials including wood, plastic, metal, tile, masonry and more.

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Plunge Cutting

When cutting directly into the center of a board without drilling pilot holes for the blade, this is referred to as plunge cutting. Common applications include making a rectangular hole cut out for a floor vent. The Dremel Ultra-Saw features adjustable depth control to help guide users in the depth of the plunge.

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Surface Prepping

Ready to install new flooring in your home? The Dremel Ultra-Saw offers even more versatility with the ability to perform surface preparation for the removal of paint, rust and thin-set. Simply turn the tool sideways using surface preparation accessories to remove and smooth out roughness.

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What's Included

  • Dremel Ultra-Saw US40 Tool
  • 1 Attachment: US820 Auxiliary Handle
  • 4 Accessories: US500 4 Inch Carbide Wood Cutting Wheel, US510 3.5 Inch Metal Cutting Wheel, US600 4 Inch Carbide Wood Flush Cutting Wheel, US410 4 Inch Diamond Surface Prep Wheel
  • Wrench
  • 1 Storage Bag
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dremel Ultra-Saw Corded VS. DEWALT DC390B Cordless for 3/4" IKEA cabinet frame cutting, which is the better choice?

    The saw has a maximum cutting depth of 3/4-inch. Most 3/4" plywood has a total thickness of less than 3/4", so the saw would probably be capable of handling that thickness, but it would be wise to actually check the depth, prior to purchasing.

  • I can't get the nut unscrewed to remove the blade. I am trying to turn it clockwise as directed. Any suggestions?

    As you face the hex-lock .. press the LOCK button to stop the arbor from rotating. "Tighten" the hex just a bit (CCW) then "Loosen" by turning CW as the arrows indicate. It should loosen up for you.

  • Does the ultra-saw have a vacuum attachment?

    The US40-01 tool kit ships without a vacuum attachment or straight edge guide. They are available direct from Dremel, however. The price is 5.00 for the vacuum attachment and 7.65 for the edge guide plus shipping and sales tax if applicable.

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