The 360-Degree grip-zone improves balance and comfort while the improved venting.

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1.2amp motor

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2 years warranty

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The Dremel 3000 is the workhorse of the Dremel brand. New enhancements such as the EX Twist "integrated wrench" nose cap allows you to switch between accessories without the Dremel wrench. The 360-Degree grip-zone improves balance and comfort while the improved venting and redesigned fan makes the 3000 run cooler and stay comfortable for longer duration jobs.

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  • Variable speed form 5,000 to 35,000 rpm
  • Soft grip for comfort and control
  • Works with core attachments
  • Variable speed provides greater control with all accessories, increasing the list of potential materials tool will work effectively on
  • Limited 2 years warranty
  • EZ Twist - Integrated nose cap wrench allows for fast accessory changes
  • Variable Speed - For maximum accessory versatility and precise tool control
  • Accessory and Attachment Compatibility - Can be used with all Dremel rotary tool accessories and attachments (except MS400 and PL400 attachments)
  • 1.2 Amps - Equipped with a powerful and efficient 1.2-amp motor to deliver control for precision and detailed work
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Whether for carving or engraving soft or hard materials, Dremel offers the right accessory for every application. Use high speed cutters for shaping, hollowing, grooving, slotting and making tapered holes in soft metals, plastics and woods. Tungsten Carbide Cutters are recommended for shaping, smoothing and material removal on hard materials such as stainless steel and cast iron. A variety of engraving cutters suitable for both soft and hard materials are also available to tackle every project.

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The versatility of a rotary tool allows you to cut just about any material when used with the appropriate Dremel cutting accessory. Cut metal, wood, hard materials (such as marble, concrete, brick, porcelain, ceramics and hard epoxy), drywall, tile, grout, and much more.

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Put the sparkle on your projects by using a cleaning or polishing accessory. Whether your application requires light-duty de-burring or heavy-duty material removal, Dremel has the perfect accessory for the job.

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Restore your furniture or appliances by removing rust and polishing metals by using a grinding or sharpening accessory. For non-ferrous materials such as stone, glass, ceramics and porcelain, use Silicon Carbide Grinding Stones to tackle your projects. Provide clean finishes or prep surfaces by using a sanding accessory.

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What's in the Box?

  • Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool
  • Attachments - Sanding/Grinding Guide and Cutting Guide
  • Accessories - Carving/Engraving: 107 Engraving Cutter, 191 High Speed Cutter, 7144 Diamond Wheel Point. Cutting: 426 Fiberglass Reinforced Cut-off Wheel (x2), 561 Multipurpose Cutting Bit. Grinding/Sharpening: 84922 Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone, 932 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone, 952 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone, 953 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone. Cleaning/Polishing: 403 Nylon Bristle Brush, 428 Carbon Steel Brush, 414 Felt Polishing Wheel (x3), 421 Polishing Compound, 429 Felt Polishing Wheel (x2). Sanding: 407 1/2 inch Sanding Drum, 408 1/2 inch 60-grit Sanding Band (x2), 432 1/2 inch 120-grit Sanding Band (x2), 445 1/2 inch 240-grit Sanding Band
  • Miscellaneous: 401 Screw Mandrel, 402 Mandrel, 415 Dressing Stone, Wrench
  • Hard Carry Case
  • Accessory Case
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What horse power does this 3000 have?

    More than you will ever need. It could use a little more torque at low ram but, if you don't have a good grip on the tool if it binds on your work it will twist right out of your hand. It does turn so stupid high rpms. So high that you will wonder if it is going to just fly apart. I use mine almost every day and love it.

  • Will the 3000 work with the plunge router?

    Yes it will. How well it will work depends on your application, but in general it will.

  • Can the 3000-2/28 be used to engrave letters on rocks?


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