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NEW COMP Cams DeskTop Drag Race Simulator Drag5 Racing Software PN# 186401

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Software; ProRacing Sim; DeskTop Drag5 Drag Race Simulation; Drag Vehicle Simulation


Brand: COMP Cams

Manufacturer's Part Number: 186401

Part Type: Computer Software

Part Number: 186401 CCA-186401

UPC: 036584197829

Software Format: CD-ROM

Software Type: Vehicle drag strip simulator

The DeskTop Drag Race simulators offer increased speed, extended vehicle testing, and improved accuracy. Designed for the serious enthusiast, the DeskTop Drag simulation will display ET, mph, and comprehensive vehicle telemetry to within 5 percent of real-world, track-test data. They include a PopUp TimeSlip, offering an instant overview of vehicle performance for everything from model stock production vehicles to Top-Fuel dragsters--even jet and rocket-powered cars! Vehicle performance and telemetry are displayed on custom graphs, and exact values can be examined in detailed results tables. Test transmissions and rear-axle gear ratios, vehicle weights, frontal areas, tire traction, launch and shift rpms, clutches, torque converters, engine power, even wind and weather conditions! Find out what works before you buy expensive parts, and have fun designing the "ultimate" vehicle for any level of street performance or all-out competition.

What you can do with the DeskTop Drag:

* Design, build, and test any drag vehicle in seconds
* Simulate automobiles, dragsters, and motorcycles
* Model front or rear-wheel drive vehicles
* Model eighth or quarter-mile drag races
* Instantly see the potential of any component
* Display and print vehicle data and color graphics
* Test driveline, gear ratios, tires, wheels, and more!
* Check errors with easy-to-use interface
* Add pro features with optional advanced and ProTools kits

Tune these key vehicle components:

* Any engine power curve
* Loads and tests DeskTop Dyno engine files
* 1 to 6-speed transmissions
* Clutch or torque converter (any stall speed)
* Any motorcycle primary ratio
* Vehicle weight, percent on driving wheels, wheelbase
* Frontal area, aero drag, driving tire width
* Static and tire-growth diameters
* Traction, tire slip, and redline rpms
* Shift times
* Rollout staging distance
* Temperature, humidity, wind, and elevation



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