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DiabloSport I1000 - DiabloSport inTune Programmer for GM/Chrysler/Dodge/Ford/Jeep I1000 DBL-I1000 316-I1000

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inTune I1000 Programmer 1999-2013 GM 1999-2014 Ford 2001-10 Dodge 2003-10 Chrysler 2005-10 Jeep 2007-10 Mazda

DiabloSport I1000 - DiabloSport inTune Programmer for GM/Chrysler/Dodge/Ford/Jeep I1000 DBL-I1000 316-I1000 inTune I1000 Programmer 1999-2013 GM 1999-2014 Ford 2001-10 Dodge 2003-10 Chrysler 2005-10 Jeep 2007-10 Mazda The all new DiabloSport inTune is a revolution in the tuning industry! The inTune is the most affordable touch screen tuning device on the market today. It delivers an amazing user experience with easy to understand menus, automatic USB updates via the internet, and tons of vehicle specific features at an incredibly affordable price. By simply plugging the inTune into your vehicle's OBD-II port and selecting the tuning menu, it will automatically detect your vehicle's calibration information and provide a list of available preloaded tunes to enhance performance and economy, and (for some applications) specialty tunes for certain upgrades such as: Cold-Air Kits, MAF Sensor Upgrades, Pulley-Upgrade Tunes for O.E.M. Superchargers The device offers users the ability to log and record information from the stock sensors in a numerical readout format and even has the capability to log data from an added aftermarket sensor (O2 sensors, EGT, etc..) from manufacturers such as AEM or PLX. The inTune also functions as a diagnostic code scanner/clearer. Staying up to date with inTune couldn't be any easier! Simple and free updates via the internet are installed through a USB connection by our new Auto Updater. They require no additional hardware to get the latest version! Simply plug your inTune in to your PC and get the latest firmware download automatically to your device. Updates can include improved tunes, new features, better functionality and even new user interface enhancements. This new technology means that sending a custom tune to the inTune is as simple as dragging and dropping it off your PC or Mac's desktop. Hardware Features: Color Touch Screen Interface 1 Gig of on Board Memory Includes a USB Update Cable 5 Volt Analog Input for External Sensors Removable OBDII Cable for Easy Storage One Part number for all Supported Applications Tuning and Diagnostic Features: Improved Read/Write Times to the Vehicles PCM Tunes for 87, 91, and 93 Octane; add Drivability, HP, Torque and Economy Adjust Spark, Fuel, Idle, Gears, Tire Size, Shift Points, Speed limits and much more with the industry's largest bank of custom tuning parameters! Accepts Custom Tunes for Additional Bolt-Ons 30 Minutes of Datalogging (8 PIDS Simultaneously) Check/Clear Trouble Codes on any 96 and newer OBDII Vehicles No Footprints/Watermarks Left on Factory PCM Additional Features: Easy to understand Menus and Functions Automatic Free Online Updates Drag and Drop File Transfer for Tunes/Updates/Logs Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA DiabloSport I1000 Fits Applications CADILLACCTS2004-2005CADILLACESCALADE1999-2000CADILLACESCALADE2002-2012CHEVROLETAVALANCHE2007-2012CHEVROLETAVALANCHE 15002002-2004CHEVROLETAVALANCHE 25002002-2006CHEVROLETCAMARO1999-2002CHEVROLETCAMARO2010-2012CHEVROLETCOLORADO2008-2012CHEVROLETCORVETTE1999-2012CHEVROLETC1500 SUBURBAN1999CHEVROLETC2500 SUBURBAN1999CHEVROLETIMPALA2006CHEVROLETK1500 SUBURBAN1999CHEVROLETK2500 SUBURBAN1999CHEVROLETMONTE CARLO2006CHEVROLETSILVERADO 15001999-2012CHEVROLETSILVERADO 1500 CLASSIC2007CHEVROLETSILVERADO 1500 HD2001-2003CHEVROLETSILVERADO 1500 HD2005-2006CHEVROLETSILVERADO 1500 HD CLASSIC2007CHEVROLETSILVERADO 25001999-2004CHEVROLETSILVERADO 2500 HD2001-2010CHEVROLETSILVERADO 2500 HD CLASSIC2007CHEVROLETSILVERADO 35002001-2010CHEVROLETSILVERADO 3500 CLASSIC2007CHEVROLETSSR2003-2006CHEVROLETSUBURBAN 15002000-2012CHEVROLETSUBURBAN 25002000-2012CHEVROLETTAHOE1999-2012CHEVROLETTRAILBLAZER2003-2007CHRYSLERASPEN2007-2009CHRYSLERPT CRUISER2003-2006CHRYSLER3002005-2010DODGECHALLENGER2008-2010DODGECHARGER2006-2010DODGEDURANGO2004-2009DODGEMAGNUM2005-2008DODGENEON2003-2005DODGERAM 1500 PICKUP2003-2010DODGERAM 2500 PICKUP2001DODGERAM 2500 PICKUP2003-2010DODGERAM 3500 PICKUP2001DODGERAM 3500 PICKUP2003-2010FORDCROWN VICTORIA2005-2008FORDE SUPER DUTY1999-2002FORDE-1502006-2008FORDE-150 ECONOLINE1999-2005FORDE-2502006-2008FORDE-250 ECONOLINE1999-2005FORDE-350 ECONOLINE1999-2005FORDE-350 SUPER DUTY2006-2008FORDE-450 ECONOLINE2003-2005FORDE-450 SUPER DUTY2006-2008FORDE-550 SUPER DUTY2003FORDEXCURSION2000-2003FORDEXCURSION2005FORDEXPEDITION1999-2002FORDF-150 HERITAGE PICKUP2004FORDF-150 LIGHTNING PICKUP1999-2004FORDF-150 PICKUP1999-2008FORDF-150 PICKUP (Canadian)2008FORDF-250 PICKUP1999FORDF-250 SUPER DUTY PICKUP1999-2008FORDF-350 SUPER DUTY PICKUP1999-2008FORDF-450 SUPER DUTY PICKUP1999-2003FORDF-450 SUPER DUTY PICKUP2008FORDF-550 SUPER DUTY PICKUP1999-2003FORDFOCUS2003-2004FORDGT2005-2006FORDMUSTANG1998-2010FORDRANGER2007-2010GMCCANYON2008-2012GMCC1500 SUBURBAN1999GMCC2500 SUBURBAN1999GMCENVOY2004-2006GMCK1500 SUBURBAN1999GMCK2500 SUBURBAN1999GMCSIERRA DENALI2002-2011GMCSIERRA DENALI CLASSIC2007GMCSIERRA 15001999-2012GMCSIERRA 1500 CLASSIC2007GMCSIERRA 1500 HD2001-2003GMCSIERRA 1500 HD2005-2006GMCSIERRA 1500 HD CLASSIC2007GMCSIERRA 25001999-2004GMCSIERRA 2500 HD2001-2012GMCSIERRA 2500 HD CLASSIC2007GMCSIERRA 35002001-2010GMCSIERRA 3500 CLASSIC2007GMCSIERRA 3500 HD2011-2012GMCTOPKICK2006-2007GMCYUKON1999-2012GMCYUKON XL 15002000-2012GMCYUKON XL 25002000-2012HUMMERH12006HUMMERH22003-2004HUMMERH32008-2010JEEPCOMMANDER2006-2010JEEPGRAND CHEROKEE (WK)2005-2010JEEPGRAND CHEROKEE (WK) (Canadian)2010JEEPTJ2005-2006JEEPWRANGLER2005-2010LINCOLNNAVIGATOR1999-2003LINCOLNTOWN CAR2005-2008MAZDAB23002007-2010MAZDAB2300 (Canadian)2010MAZDAB30002007MAZDAB3000 (Canadian)2008MAZDAB40002007-2010MAZDAB4000 (Canadian)2008-2010MERCURYGRAND MARQUIS2005-2008PONTIACFIREBIRD1999-2002PONTIACFIREBIRD TRANS AM1999-2002PONTIACGRAND PRIX2006PONTIACGTO2004-2006PONTIACG82008-2009
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