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COMP Cams DeskTop Dyno Engine Simulators 186011 CCA-186011 249-186011

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Software; ProRacing Sim; DeskTop Dyno5; Software; Engine Simulation

COMP Cams DeskTop Dyno Engine Simulators 186011 CCA-186011 249-186011 UPC: 036584197812 Software Format:CD-ROM Software Type:Engine dyno simulator Quantity:Sold individually The DeskTop Dynos offer more speed, more engine components, and improved accuracy. Designed for the serious engine enthusiast, the DeskTop Dyno simulation packages will evaluate custom cylinder heads, any cam timing, a wide range of bores and strokes, valve sizes, and connecting rod length and angularity. Plus, you can use an advanced compression ratio calculator, cam-math QuickCalculator, and even print multi-page dyno-test reports! If you want the most from your next engine buildup, use the DeskTop Dyno engine-dyno simulators. Have fun designing the "ultimate" street or all-out racing engine. What the DeskTop Dynos can do: * Build and test virtually any 4-cycle engine * Instantly switch between US and metric units * Find the best parts for street or racing applications * Easily select components--just point and click * Test alternate fuels and nitrous oxide injection * Auto-scaling power, torque, pressure curves * Display and print components and color graphs * Test carburetors/injection, stock and racing manifolds * View and print engine pressures, efficiencies * Use built-in advanced calculators (Cam, CR, Airflow) * Add pro features with optional advanced and ProTools kits Tune these key engine components: * Bore and stroke (short strokes now supported) * Number of cylinders * Intake and exhaust valve sizes * 1, 2, or 3 valves per port * Modify valve event timing, valve lift * New lobe acceleration analysis and modeling * Change lobe centerlines and durations * Intake/exhaust port design and modifications * Wedge, Canted, Hemi, and 4-valve heads * Improved flow-bench data modeling * Enter flow data to model any cylinder head * Up to 4,000 cfm peak induction flow * Any carburetor (multiple or single) or fuel injection * Intake manifold and exhaust systems * Compression ratio from 6:1 to 18:1 * Various fuels, including gasoline, methanol, more * Nitrous oxide with gasoline
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