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This science kit gets the adventure started with all you need to start a rock and mineral collection.

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Beautiful geodes

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Formed by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, geodes can contain a world of crystals including quartz, calcite, or even amethyst. This science kit gets the adventure started with all you need to start a rock and mineral collection. 

Kids get to 'dig out' the real specimens. This mining experience brings out the treasure hunter in everyone! The educational guide book and activity booklet were written by teachers and help you identify all of the crystals inside!

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  • Geodes are amazing natural wonders. These hollow rocks have beautiful crystals inside waiting to be discovered
  • The entire family will love smashing open geodes with this fun and educational STEM science toy for kids
  • Break open 3 different types of premium-quality geodes (only 1 type in similar kits) and discover stunning crystal caves
  • Join the 1000's of parents who have chosen this award-winning geode kit, and rest assured with our 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 7 premium-quality geodes, magnifying glass, adventure guide, activity booklet, 2 display stands, and safety goggles
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What's Included

  • 7 premium-quality geodes (mined in 3 different locations around the world) 
  • Full-color adventure guide (written by teachers) 
  • Activity booklet (with 10 puzzles and games) 
  • Safety goggles (for cracking open the geodes safely) 
  • Magnifying glass (to examine your crystals) 
  • 2 display stands (for starting your collection)
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  • 10 Best Toys for Kids - Dr. Toy 
  • Kid's Product of the Year - Creative Child Magazine
  • Award of Excellence - Parent Tested, Parent Approved
  • Best of the Year – Family Review Center
  • Brain Toy Award – Academic’s Choice
  • Brain Child Toy Award – Tillywig Toy
  • Teachers Choice Award - Learning Magazine
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you open the rocks? i have tried with a hammer.

    It's better to put the geode in a crack--in the sidewalk--and then whack it. Some do take a few tries, maybe you just got a stubborn one.

  • How big are the geodes?

    They aren't real big--maybe 2-3 inches in diameter. The insides were all beautiful and full of different crystals. The included book was very helpful.

  • How many stands included?

    There are only two stands.

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