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The Diadora Kobra K-Pro BX 14 are high end soccer shoes built for performance.

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very maneuverable, respond right away to your movements

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Kangaroo leather is nice and light, doesn't slow you down

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no break in required, fit comfortably right away

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just enough cushioning to reduce strain on the joints and reduce soreness in feet

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great touch and control on the ball

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firm support around the heel for a stabilized landing

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comfortable fit for wider feet

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The Diadora Kobra K-Pro BX 14 are high end soccer shoes built for performance. They resemble the Diadora Kobra K BX 14, and have the same kangaroo leather upper with Touch Control throughout for an enhanced sense of touch on the ball. Nylon mesh inserts are also still used to reduce the weight, and the fold-over tongue covers the laces for more controlled shots. Several new features have been added, however, including a heel counter that extends into the midfoot for rear and midfoot stability. The insole is now removable, and the anatomic EVA provides increased elasticity as well as shock absorption. The Ergos N.P. lasting board is shaped to the arch of the foot, and is composed of a stabilizing nylon layer and flexible polypropylene. The heel area uses Double Action inserts for additional shock absorption. The outsole is built with lightweight Carbon Fiber in the base. Axeler TI technology is used to add support and spring-back action with Nanoflex material. BX 14 TPU molded studs are arranged in the flex Rotax system to aid forefoot rotation.

  • Size: 6 - 12.5
  • Kangaroo leather forefoot
  • Extended fold-over tongue
  • Extended external heel counter
  • Nylon mesh inserts
  • Removable anatomic EVA insole
  • Ergos N.P. anatomic lasting board
  • Carbon Fiber outsole base
  • Axeler T1 technology with Nanoflex
  • BX 14 fixed studs in Flex Rotax system configuration
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  • Black / Yellow
  • White / Black / Red
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