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The Denon DVP-602CI is a high definition video processor and HDMI switcher.

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setup is very simple, not much to it beyond the plug-and-play, auto-detects everything

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easily controlled via Internet connection, allowing you to control it with an iPhone, iPad, or any handy laptop

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attractive design, looks great next to other high-end equipment

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Realta engine makes the picture look "snappy" and vivid, all the details really jump out

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upscaling of SD content is better than with almost any device, sharpens up the picture dramatically for a great HD experience

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color accuracy will satisfy videophile standards, very good

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pairs well with most Blu-ray and HD-DVD players, takes picture quality to a new level

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not entirely compatible with all receivers, might want to try and pair it with other Denon products

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The Denon DVP-602CI is a high definition video processor and HDMI switcher. This device is designed to take standard definition content and upconvert the video signal to full 1080i/p. Denon claims the resulting image is clearer than if directly connected to the users HDTV, effectively removing objectionable artifacts known as “jaggies.” This is made possible by an HQV Realta processing engine. The DVP-602CI includes 6 HDMI inputs, compatible with a wide range of compatible HDMI signal sources including satellite receivers, Blu-ray players and game consoles. On the back of the unit one will also find two component connections, as well as S-video and composite inputs. The Denon DVP-602CI can be set up and maintained remotely over the internet, as well as receive firmware updates via its Ethernet port.

  • 480i/480p/720p/1080i/1080p
  • Realta sxT2 HQV video processor
  • Video noise reduction for SD and HD sources
  • Film/video detection mode
  • Denon Pixel Image Correction
  • 6 HDMI inputs with 2 parallel outputs
  • 2 component inputs (1 BNC and 1 RCA)
  • S-Video and composite inputs
  • Analog to HDMI conversion
  • Web-based setup and administration
  • Firmware updates over Ethernet
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