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The Denon ASD-51W is a wireless iPod/iPhone dock with network capabilities.

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Remote control peripheral is highly functional - enables quick browsing of a user's entire music library with one-click internet radio streaming

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Software media players (iTunes, Microsoft Media Player) automatically detect unit - enables automatic playback of content across a common internet network

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Digital audio outputting enables full support of home theater receivers - enables users to stream content through a larger entertainment system via digital-to-analog conversion

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Very easy to setup and configure - users familiar with Wi-Fi synchronization will have no trouble accessing their iPod content within minutes

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High price point may turn some users away before truly investigating the unit - appears to be no more than a fancy iPod dock to most potential customers

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May not work with newer-generation iPod and iPhone models - third and fourth-generation product owners report connectivity issues

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Many advanced features seem limited to Windows-based systems - not recommended to Mac users, especially those hoping to stream back and forth between software and hardware

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The Denon ASD-51W is a wireless iPod/iPhone dock with network capabilities. It is Denon's top of the line dock device alongside the ASD51N. In terms of hardware and features the two models are identical other than the fact that the 51W has a wireless b/g connection. Features include music streaming from your computer or network storage, an included remote control, and internet radio. The dock can be controlled with a graphical user interface from the TV via the S-Video connection. The 51W has a range of input/output options which include an ethernet port, dock control port for AV receiver connection, coax digital audio input, and composite audio output. This top of the line iPod/iPhone dock has the ability to serve as a connection between your network media devices and your AV receiver. 

Features / Specifications
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod or Nano (audio & video)
  • Display iPod pictures and videos on your TV, with intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Choose tracks and favorites using your Denon component's remote control
  • Rhapsody and Napster online music services available (subscription required)
  • Wireless connection b/g
  • Ethernet, coaxial output, composite output
  • Web control (with network connection)
  • DLNA certified
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