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Featuring Denon's Acoustic Optimizer technology which promises to deliver the most natural and balanced tonal range.

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compact design, easy to fold up and take with you

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highs are smooth and bass is reasonably relaxed after break-in

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included carrying case also has enough room for adapters and cables

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noise cancelling works well, eliminates engine noise and other low frequencies

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feel comfortable resting on your ears, don't pinch

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sound bright and harsh with a poorly defined bass until you've broken them in properly

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need to carefully adjust them to create a proper seal over the ears

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might have to play with your EQ settings to get them to sound right

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The Denon AH-NC732's are higher end noise cancelling headphones, featuring Denon's Acoustic Optimizer technology which promises to deliver the most natural and balanced tonal range, free from cavity-induced coloration. The noise cancelling function reduces ambient noise up to 99%, and is powered by a single AAA battery which provides up to 40 hours of noise cancelling function. Engineered with a comfortable on-ear design and soft protein leather ear cushions, these headphones can also be used without the noise cancelling circuitry activated. Conversely, thanks to the detachable audio cables, they may also be used with only the noise cancelling function on for relaxation in a noisy environment, The compact, lightweight and foldable design allows for easy storage in the supplied faux-leather hard-padded carrying case. Additionally, the AH-NC732 is equipped with two cable lengths (a short 30" and longer 60"), a dual airline adapter plug, and a standard 1/4" headphone adapter plug. Both audio cables are iPhone/iTouch compatible and no adapter is required. 

  • Denon's Acoustic Optimizer technology
  • Reduces ambient noise up to 99%
  • Powered by single AAA battery; up to 40 hours battery life
  • On-ear design with soft protein leather ear cushions
  • Can be used with or without noise cancelling function
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Two detachable audio cables (30" and 60")
  • Dual airline adapter plug
  • 1/4" headphone adapter plug
  • Compact protective carrying case
  • iPhone/iTouch compatible
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