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This delivers a natural and balanced sound.

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made with high quality materials, all feels solid and durable and the cushions are soft but firm

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don't feel overly bulky, generally a simple look

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noise suppression is excellent, really block out the noises around you effectively

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large, open sound that creates a satisfying sound stage

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comfort is very good, can barely feel them

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once broken in the clarity is excellent, details come through very well

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need to push them against your ears slightly sometimes or the cushion itself creates a buzzing noise

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cord itself is fragile, easy to damage it at the connector

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The Denon AH-D310 are Over-Ear headphones with a comfort fit and a smooth sound with a compact design that makes them ideal for traveling and listening to music for an extended period of time.  The AH-D310 model features Denon's Acoustic Optimizer system which equalizes ait pressure on both sides of the 42-millimeter speaker diaphragm.  This delivers a natural and balanced sound.  The Denon AH-D310's drivers are housed in nonresonant earcups which helps absorb unwanted vibrations for a detailed sound.  The AH-D310 earpads are designed to fit a wide range of head sizes and leave no gap between the head and the band. This ensures audio clarity even when in a noisy environment.  The Denon AH-D310 weighs only 153 grams and include a one-year warranty and user manual. 

  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Fits any Head Size
  • Acoustic Optimizer System
  • Large 42-Millimeter Diaphragms
  • Provides Audio Balance and Clarity
  • Extends Portable Player Battery Life 
  • Lightweight for Commuting
  • Natural, Balanced Sound
  • Vibration Cancelling for Detailed Sound
  • One-Year Warranty
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