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It is one of two iPhone/iPod/iPad-compatible, in-the-ear headphones (AH-C260R, AH-C560R) released in Summer 2010.

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Earbud cords same length ("Y" shape)

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No cord noise/stethoscope effect

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In-line remote lets you control certain model iPods and iPhones

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In-line remote contains a microphone which is very convenient

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Very good sound

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Solid click feeling

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Great value

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flexible earbuds

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Bass response is lacking

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Sounds as though there is a small dropoff in the upper mid-range area

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Cord material feels cheap

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The Denon AH-C260R is one of two iPhone/iPod/iPad-compatible, in-the-ear headphones (AH-C260R, AH-C560R) released in Summer 2010. As the base unit, the AH-C260R utilizes a Hybrid housing (plastic + Elastomer) and a Radial Cascade Damper that reduces noise from touched cables. In particular, the AH-C260R features a specially designed, three-button remote control/microphone unit that can control iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Included also are multiple ear-tip sizes, a special “soft-foam” earpiece for added comfort, and an extra-small tip designed specifically for little children. Additional features include a carrying case and OFC cables.

  • iPhone/iPod/iPad Compatible Headphones
  • In-Ear Design
  • Plastic/Elastomer Hybrid Housing
  • Radial Cascade Damper
  • Remote/Microphone Unit
  • Multiple Ear-Tip Sizes
  • Ear Clips
  • Extension Cables
  • ”Soft-Foam” earpiece
  • Carrynig Case
  • OFC Cables
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09/22/2010 08:52

For the price, these are excellent earbuds. The quality is about what you'd expect in terms of construction, though it's nice to have such light earbuds. The bass response is better than the V-Moda I'm replacing. I wish they'd wrap the cords in nylon braiding like the V-Moda, but not if it caused the sound of every little cord movement to telegraph into the ears. I like that the 3 button controller is at the base of the "Y" division, versus up toward one ear or the other. This distance (of the mic) doesn't seem to present a problem for voice control or telephone use. The L shaped plug works through an Apple bumper with no difficulties.

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