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All units host HDMI v1.4a Repeater Inputs with 3D/CEC compliance.

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no channel cross-talk, each discretely amplified for higher fidelity

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on-screen interface for setup and adjustments

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sound quality is good for the price

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works with a wide variety of equipment, and supports 3D

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initial setup is fast and easy with no hidden issues

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streaming from online services such as Pandora works smoothly and consistently

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the on-screen interface is awkward looking in design

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The Denon AVR-991 is one of five 3D-ready, advanced audio/visual receivers released during summer 2010 as an upgrade from previous generation AVR models. All units host HDMI v1.4a Repeater Inputs with 3D/CEC compliance. In particular, 7-channel AVR-991 is the top champion in the series. It adds along a myriad of advanced functionalities, including advanced networking via Ethernet, Mac/PC content streaming, Internet Radio, Pandora, Flickr, web browsing, and supposedly even more. Like its inferior counterparts, the unit is iPod compatible and includes analog to HDMI conversion, HD audio decoding from Dolby and dts, and 12-bit video processing/scaling from Anchor Bay Technologies (ABT).

  • 3D Ready A/V Receiver
  • HDMI v1.4a Repeater Inputs (4)
  • 3D Compliant (Firmware Upgrade)
  • CEC Compliant (Integrated)
  • Analog-to-HDMI Video Conversion
  • HD Audio Decoding
  • IPod Digital Direct
  • Simple GUI
  • Discrete Amps
  • Preouts
  • Dolby ProLogic IIz
  • Audyssey MultiEQ
  • 12-Bit Video Processing/Scaling
  • 24-bit/192-kHz DACs
  • Advanced Networking
  • Mac/PC Streaming
  • Internet Radio
  • Web Browsing
Post Review
Jay Leininger
05/14/2010 11:58

I really wish I knew if this had a "phono" input for my turntable. I know the 891 doesn't but the old 990 did. I really don't want to have to get a pre-amp if no new receivers are going to have a "phono" input. If it doesn't then maybe the AVR-3311CI will. Here's to hoping.



12/05/2010 02:41

This does in fact have a "phono" input along with a "ground" if your turntable needs that as well.

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