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The Denon AVR-5308CI is the flagship model of Denon's 2007 lineup of new A/V receivers.

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The best receiver I've ever had. Simply spectacular

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remote configurator still needs work...IR slow enough to cause "where am I confusion"

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The Denon AVR-5308CI is the flagship model of Denon's 2007 lineup of new A/V receivers. While other models like the AVR-4308CI ($2499) and AVR-3808CI ($1599) were available as of late July 2007, the AVR-5308CI will hit shelves in January 2008, retailing for $5200. This receiver is the first to support Windows Vista and features a multitude of streaming options over Ethernet, WiFi, and USB.

Unlike the other models in the lineup that have Faroudja DCDi chips, the AVR-5308CI will make use of an Realta HQV video processor from Silicon Optix. This chip is loaded iwith video processing features, and allows all analog sources to be upconverted to a true HD 1080p signal output on either of this receiver's two HDMI 1.3a outputs. It also features upscaling of lower resolution HDMI sources to the HDMI output (HDMI-to-HDMI scaling), which is a rare feature.

  • Realta HQV video processor (first in industry)
  • 6 HDMI inputs, 2 HDMI outputs
  • Windows Vista compatible (first in industry)
  • upscales all sources to 1080p
  • HDMI to HDMI upscaling
  • built-in Ethernet, WiFI, and USB ports for media streaming
  • supports mp3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC, and iTunes
  • Multi-room, multi-source
  • Power: 150 Watts / channel
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12/19/2008 04:14

In response to csten's comment, yes, the 5805 is THX Ultra2 certified. In response to furz, I suspect that he is experiencing a significant ground loop in his household electrical supply as his comments are completely inconsistent with those of proffessional reviewers, general user experience and with my own listening.

05/31/2008 01:33

Great Receiver, true reference quality and features. The competion does not even come close, at any price.

05/02/2008 11:00


Crappiest sound I ever heard. No midrange and distorted highs. Hum in bass.

09/28/2007 10:32

I'm not sure if Denon is going to be able to compete at the 905's pricepoint, the Realta chip is far superior in every way to the Reon... I'm actually surprised Denon has been able to get their price down so cheap using that chip.

Denon has to have some models shipping with the Reon chip in the near future. Does anyone know? That's kind of what I'm waiting to hear... as I can't afford anything with the Realta and don't expect to in the near future.

09/27/2007 05:37

The price will have to come down somewhat otherwise Onkyo will kill them with the NR905. I know there are Denon purists out there, and the quality is certainly there, but this unit as best I can tell isn't even THX certified. While the processor (Realta vs Reon), on paper, should render better results, Onkyo has more to offer and under $2k.

08/29/2007 06:31


After doing some research I have to specify one thing about HDMI to HDMI upscaling :

- Actually this is a rare feature within the Denon 2007 lineup because only the 5308Ci will do the job
- Onkyo's 2007 AVR (as far as I know 875 & 905) will do HDMI to HDMI upscaling

08/15/2007 06:31

Alot of people don't seem to comprehend the concept of power as it relates to amp output. Anyone looking at a receiver or amp purchase needs to keep in mind that it takes 10x the power to double perceived volume. For me, this component is a no-brainer in its price range and possesses numerous unique features. I like the fact that Denon seems to have done away with the dual surround zones in favor of a more simplified design, somewhat smaller format than the 5805 series and more cross-compatibility with other types of CE devices.

08/13/2007 12:26

The Realta HQV has some distinct advantages over the Reon HQV in that the Realta is programmable/upgradeable to add new functionality as it is created, utilizes a faster CPU core, as well as a much higher capability 16 to 1024 TAP adaptive scaler, a more capable "Cadence" detection engine and more capability in the Geometry Processor (eWARP2) giving the end user much more flexibility when used with an HDTV Projector. The eWARP2 and eWARP VX engines are an option on the Realta and Reon chipsets respectively, depending on which part number within the family is used.

08/13/2007 09:46

If only I lived somewhere large enough to warrant such A/V power :D

08/12/2007 12:30

This thing is a behemoth! I'm curious to know how the Realta HQV chipset compares to the Reon HQV found in the top of the line Onkyo's (for much cheaper $1600 vs. $5200 in this model).

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