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The Denon AVR-3808CI is one of several new models as part of Denon's 2007 lineup that features 13 new A/V recievers.

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All video sources switched to the HDMI output

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Control your receiver from your PC using a web browser

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Includes 4 HDMI 1.3a inputs

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USB 2.0 ports and Ethernet connectivity

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Excellent SD upconversion

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Upscales HDMI signals to 1080p

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Includes 2-way IR remote and supports 2-way RF remote

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Improved GUI interface

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Excellent audio quality

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Silent, fan-less operation

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Audyssey Pro package available free for new buyers, or as $100 upgrade for previous owners

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Cannot upconvert 1080p component video to the HDMI output

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Poor 1080i deinterlacing (HDMI 1080i to 1080p conversion)

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Silicon Optix Realta chipset should be included

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Expensive compared to Onkyo competition

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very hot in standby mode = too high 'idle' power consumption

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The Denon AVR-3808CI is one of several new models as part of Denon's 2007 lineup that features 13 new A/V recievers. It is a 7.1 channel receiver with 130W / channel, with 4 HDMI inputs and includes a Faroudja DCDi video processor chip. With a suggested retail price of $1599 it is considered among the four high-end Denon models with the AVR-2808CI ($1199), AVR-4308CI ($2499), and the flagship AVR-5308CI ($5199) rounding out the other three.

The AVR-3808CI includes a revamped GUI that replaces the simple text-based OSD found on earlier models in the Denon history. It also includes added digital media capabilities with two USB 2.0 ports (one front/one rear) for connecting mp3 players and USB hard drives, and an ethernet port that includes audio streaming, web browsing, and PC diagnostics of the receiver.

Transcoding / Upconversion / Scaling

All of the video sources can be transcoded to the HDMI 1.3a output simplifying your home theater system setup;  the Faroudja DCDi chip will upscale video sources to 1080p. The flagship model AVR-5308CI includes the Silicon Optix Realta chipset that will upscale all video sources to 1080p. The AVR-3808CI has been released at around the same time as the similarly priced, and feature-rich Onkyo TX-SR875 that includes the Silicon REON HQV chipset, that is generally accepted as a superior chipset.

The AVR-3808CI was made available in late July 2007 with an MSRP of $1599.

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08/04/2009 03:09

From what I've read about this product it seems that it will upscale almost any signal to 1080p over HDMI but it won't do 1080p Component -> 1080p HDMI.

12/05/2007 01:13

It's definitely an interesting point about this receiver. The HDMI upscaling feature is one that sets this receiver apart from its competition (I don't think any of its competitors at its price point do it), but given the fact that it's performance is poor in 1080i deinterlacing, it kind of makes it an irrelevant feature. From the CNET review, it sounds as if your source player will do just as good a job scaling as the receiver itself.

12/05/2007 12:38

One pro review @ CNET mentions that when HDMI to HDMI upscaling is set with the 3808CI to scale from 1080i to 1080p the results are not very good. Any comments?

08/14/2007 11:19

Looks like there was some confusion about the capabilities of the Faroudja DCDi chip included in this receiver. IT WILL UPSCALE TO 1080p. (Though perhaps not as well as the HQV chips)

08/02/2007 12:05

The inability of the AVR-2808CI to u[pconvert to 1080p is for me, a fatal flaw. I would not buy the unit since I want to be able to upconvert my 1080i cable signal.

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