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The DeLonghi EO1270 is a mid-grade convection oven designed to heat food faster than the standard toaster oven.

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Multi-function (convection bake, broil, defrost, slow bake and keep warm)

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Works faster than standard toaster ovens

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Easy to use controls

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Easy cleanup

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Non-stick interior

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No baking or convection oven timer

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The DeLonghi EO1270 is a mid-grade convection oven designed to heat food faster than the standard toaster oven; DeLonghi claims food is cooked up to 30-40% faster in the EO1270 device. The EO1270 is additionally designed to provide modern form as well as function; DeLonghi claims to have designed their entire Kitchen appliance Collection with style in mind. The DeLonghi EO1270 is manufactured with a brushed stainless steel exterior that distributes heat evenly while operated allowing consistent cooking results thanks to the manufactured enamel interior. The EO1270 toaster oven features a large capacity which DeLonghi boldly claims would fit a 12 inch pizza and 6 slices of toast. 

The DeLonghi EO1270 toaster oven includes multiple cooking modes along with the usual bake; additional modes include broil, toast, slow bake, keep warm, convection fan/bake, and defrost. The EO1270 device includes a 7 minute total timer with automatic shut off for toast and other preparation needs; and comes bundled with an enamel bake pan and separate broil tray. DeLonghi additionally claims the EO1270 toaster oven is "easy to clean" thanks to a removable crumb tray and non-stick manufactured interior.

The DeLonghi EO1270 model is nearly identical to DeLonghi's lower end EO1200.1B toaster oven with the exception of a black exterior finish on the lower model as opposed to stainless steel. Users simply looking for an equally capable toaster oven that don't mind the black exterior can purchase the DeLonghi EO1200.1B for a much cheaper price.

  • Mid-grade toaster oven
  • Stylish Body Design- Stainless Steel
  • 7 Minute Timer with Automatic Shut-Off
  • Size
    • 6 Slice Toaster Capacity
    • Fits 12" Pizza
  • Multiple Cooking Modes
    • Bake
    • Broil
    • Toast
    • Slow Bake
    • Keep Warm
    • Convection Fan/Bake
    • Defrost
  • Easy To Clean
    • Removable Crumb Tray
    • Non-Stick Interior
  • Includes Separate Enamel Bake and Broil Trays
Post Review
Marvin Kantorowitz
09/23/2012 07:14

hard to understand the instruction book.needs more photos.needs an external timer to work it right.looks good.good piza holder.lots of insie space.needs clases,on cooking,with it.price is good.mfg. is good.

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