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The DeLonghi BQ100 is a high-end indoor grill that was designed by DeLonghi to provide a fully functioning device.

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cooks faster than most basic grills

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versatile enough to be used with a wide variety of meats and veggies

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easy to clean, grill lifts off easily and just needs a quick rinse

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makes nice, clean grill lines on the food

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does not smoke at all, everything stays inside

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lighter than it looks, easy to store when not in use

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doesn't have the intense heat of other similar grills, takes awhile to get everything completely cooked

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The DeLonghi BQ100 is a high-end indoor grill that was designed by DeLonghi to provide a fully functioning device that also embodies modern style. The BQ100 borrows from the same black and brushed stainless steel exterior as DeLonghi's Kitchen Collection of appliances. Grill-wise the BQ100 fully functions as an indoor grill and separate smokeless broiler allowing users to grill steaks, burgers and other foods conveniently, and safely, indoors. The separate top grill and broiler allow plenty of room for broiling and grilling foods at the same time and this also helps to cut down on time spent waiting to cook more food. The BQ100 features full temperature adjustment complimented by the adjustable thermostat; the device also includes high, medium, and low heat settings.

The BQ100 indoor grill includes additional features such as a unique heating element designed to cook food more evenly, an on/off device indicator light, and a unique cooking process that allows grilling food for a grill taste and then finishing the cooking process inside the broiler. DeLonghi additionally claims the BQ100 toaster oven is "easy to clean" thanks to a oil and grease drain cup and a die-cast non-stick grill plate.

  • High-end Indoor Grill
    • Separate Smokeless Broiler
  • Black/ Brushed Stainless Steel Exterior
  • Temperature Settings; Adjustable Thermostat
    • High
    • Medium
    • Low
  • Evenly Cooking Heating Element
  • On/Off Device Indicator Light
  • Unique Cooking Process
  • "Easy To Clean"
    • Oil and Grease Drip Pan
    • Non-Stick Grill Plate (removable)
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