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The Latitude E2110 replaces the E2100 as Dell's only netbook in their business line.

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good amount of non-standard upgrade options for functionality not found on regular netbooks

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lower end configurations can be had with all the same hardware upgrades as their more expensive counterparts

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can be configured with Ubuntu Linux operating system, as well as options for various Windows versions (XP, Vista or 7)

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faster than average 1.83GHz Atom processor (N470)

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downright dirt cheap upgrades - such as a $25 for the 720p display, 2MP camera for $14, touchscreen for $40, etc...

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slick business aesthetic

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quite customizable directly from the manufacturer

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affordable price points

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currently only available with a 3-cell battery

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not affordable in places outside of the US

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only configurable with 1GB of memory

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The Latitude E2110 replaces the E2100 as Dell's only netbook in their business line. It is designed with younger audience in mind with it's rubberized durable casing, spill resistance and antimicrobial keyboard. It also has optional full system management support abilities for IT maintenance. The E2110 is essentially the same as it's previous iteration other than it's updated processor (Intel Atom N470) and chipset (Intel Pine Trail). It has the same touch screen option and a HD LED display option. As with most Dell systems, it has a range of customizable options including 3 choices in colour, and 6 different operating system choices including Windows XP, Vista, and 7. The usual a/b/n wifi and ethernet options are avilable, along with 3G WWAN connectivity option. All in all, the Latitude E2110 retains the same array of features from the E2100 but is now armed with the latest netbook processor and chipset from Intel.

Features / Specifications
  • Operating system options: Ubuntu Linux 9.10, Free DOS, Windows XP, Vista Home Basic, 7 Started, 7 Home Basic
  • Intel Atom N470 Processor
  • Intel NM10 Express Chipset
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150
  • 10.1'' LED Display with Antiglare touch screen (1024x600) and glossy HD (1366x768) options.
  • Up to 2GB Ram
  • Up too 250GB Hard drive with free fall sensor
  • 3x USB2.0, VGA out
  • Wireless a/b/n, Gigabit ethernet, Bluetooth, HSPA WWAN options
  • Optional 8x DVD± RW/±R External USB 2.0 Rewritable Drive
  • 2 speakers, microphone, optional 2.0 Megag Pixel Web cam
  • 3 / 6 Cell battery options
  • 1.314Kg
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