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It is an ultraportable performance laptop that's part of the XPS line of notebooks which focus on power and features.

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Looks better than most Dell laptops

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HDMI out is convenient

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Available in black, red, and white

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Performs well while maintaining small size and light weight

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excelent support for non-standard operating systems

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4-cell battery doesn't last long

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Overheat problem for nVidia graphic card

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Lacks Blu-Ray/HD-DVD option

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Lacks solid-state hard drive option

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Catestrophic motherboard failure every 8 months. Dell service said this was expected.

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The Dell XPS M1330 is an ultraportable performance laptop that's part of the XPS line of notebooks which focus on power and features. The 13.3" screen is LED backlit based which allows for a slimmer profile. Similar to other laptops in this price range, the M1330 is built on Intel's Santa Rosa platform which includes the Core 2 Duo processor, integrated B/G/N wireless, and Bluetooth. A separate video card, the nVidia GeForce 8400M GS, is available as a configuration option as an upgrade over the standard integrated graphics.

Whether a separate video card is used Dell is including an HDMI output port for connecting the computer to various display units. While no Blu-Ray or HD-DVD configuration exists, with HDMI protected content playback will be supported. Other ports include two USB, one mini-FireWire, and a multicard reader.

Ultraportable notebooks are strictly defined as weighing less than 4 pounds, and with a 4-cell batter the M1330 weighs in at 3.9. If you're willing to sacrifice weight for extra battery life, a 9-cell battery is available as an option that increases the overall weight to the unit to 4.7 pounds.

Notable Specifications
  • 2G of RAM
  • nVidia GeForce 8400M GS
  • 13.3" LED screen at 1280x800 resolution
  • 160GB HDD
  • Gigabit ethernet, B/G/Draft-N WiFi
  • HDMI out with HDCP
Post Review
07/13/2007 05:23

ya, that's why the new laptops from Dell, and others including Sony and HP are upping the ante in the looks department. Thank God for Apple who actually cares about aesthetics and forces other companies to step up their game.

07/13/2007 04:55

Have you seen those older Dell laptops. They're incredibly ugly.

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