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Dell Latitude E5500 is the entry model in the Latitude series.

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bluetooth and wireless N standard

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latest Intel 4500MHD Graphics - capable of high definition media

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great battery life

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onboard video is poor for any serious rendering/gaming

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very heavy (6+ pounds) not good for transportability or mobile computing

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it's a Dell

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Dell Latitude E5500 is the entry model in the Latitude series. Although it is designed to be a cost-effective business tool, it still comes equipped with the essential Latitude features. Such features like the ControlPoint for security, Dell Latitude ON allowing for quick access to email, calendar and Internet and Dell ImageDirect for simplified management of mobile assets. Designed as a road-warrior, the E5500 comes with a 15.4” display, 6 hours of battery life with the standard battery cell, and weighs 6.36lbs. All other specs are essentially the same as the E5400 which comes with a 14.1” display and is therefore a tad lighter. Processor in the E5500 is Intel Core 2 Duo or Celeron while memory capabilities are strong, with Dual Channel DDR2, and two DIMM slots offering 4GB more.   The optical drive is of Travel Lite Module Design, and the graphics card is Intel 4500MHD Graphics Accelerator. The Latitude Series is a mobile business tool, and therefore the E5500 comes with Intel WiFi Link 5300 (802.11a/g/n 3x3) and Bluetooth connectivity. Options to expand are provided by Dell Client Manager and Dash support, as well as various docking capabilities. Lastly, for physical durability and protection, Latitude models come with polycarbonate and aluminum chassis.  

  • 15.4" Premium WXGA
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or Celeron Processor
  • 7200 RPM Free Fall Sensor Hard Drive: 160GB
  • Intel WiFi Link and 370 Bluetooth 2.1
  • PCMCIA and SD/MMC slots
  • Optional Fingerprint reader
  • 6.36lbs
  • 6 hours life with standard battery
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