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The Dell E5410 replaces the E5400 in the Latitude business line.

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Generous keyboard layout makes typing quite comfortable.

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Boasts the latest Intel Core i5/i7 processors.

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Screen's ability to open to nearly 180 degrees makes it flexible enough for most situations.

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16:10 aspect ratio makes general browsing a bit more comfortable.

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Clunky plastic casing doesn't feel durable at all.

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Boarders a bit on the heavier side at 1.8 kg (4 lbs.)

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Features the ancient trackpoint nub option for navigation which just tends to get in the way of regular use.

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The Dell E5410 replaces the E5400 in the Latitude business line. Even though the similar model numbers, the changes made between the two iterations have made the E5410 an entirely different notebook. The E5400 was a budget friendly version of the 14.1'' E6400, but the latest revision means have changed the E54xx line from a 14'' chassis to 13.3''. Essentially it is now the budget friendly version of the 13.3'' E4310. Along with the new form factor, several software and hardware features have been added; this includes Latitude ON, which allows for access to e-mail and calendar functions without booting into the operating system. A new fast response free fall sensor paired with the existing StrikeZone shock absorber to protect the hard drive. The E5410 also features Intel Core i3 and i5 processors and the usual range of hardware options available from Dell. Although it lacks the Tri-metal body of the Latitude E4310 line, the E5410 is a budget friendly alternative for mobile professionals. 

Features /  Specifications
  • Intel Core i Processors
  • 13.3'' LED backlit display
  • Latitude ON
  • Fast Response Free Fall Sensor and StrikeZone hard drive protection
  • Windows 7 options
  • WiFi, WiMax, Ethernet connectivity options
  • Compatible with Latitude E series docks
  • 3 year warranty on battery
  • Energy Star and EPEAT Certification
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