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The Dell Latitude 13 is a mid-level compact business laptop.

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thin and lightweight

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simple yet elegant aesthetic

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available with Intel WiFi 5100 for $20

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customizable build, directly from the manufacturer - unlike with the Vostro V13

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uses the latest ULV processors, DDR3 memory, can be configured with an SSD

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base configuration is available with the free and open source Ubuntu Linux

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sub-average battery life for an ultra-portable

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ULV processors - designed for slimness and light weight, not very powerful

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pretty much the same hardware as the already available Dell Vostro V13

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no digital video outputs (HDMI, DisplayPort) - VGA only, which is moreso acceptable on the Vostro business-class laptop, not so much here

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The Dell Latitude 13 is a mid-level compact business laptop. Dell is promoting the Latitude 13 as the world's thinnest 13" commercial client laptop. Though it is not certain, it is thought by insiders that the Latitude 13 will have a ULV processor like Dell's other compact laptop offering, the Vostro 13. This laptop is geared toward the business person more than the average user, as evidenced by features like Broadcom TruManage support. To ensure that the Latitude 13 can be used in the office, this laptop is virtualization-ready, which means that it can become a part of the office network server at will. As one would hope for in a business-oriented laptop, there are customized security features on the Latitude 13: there is Computrace software included, as well solid-state drives (SSD), full disk encryption (FDE), and a Trusted Platform Module (TPM).   

  • Bluetooth
  • 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN
  • WWAN
  • Optional Blu-ray external drive
  • Remote manageability
  • Optional integrated webcam/microphone
  • Dell ImageDirect
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