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The graphics card is an integrated Video Intel GMA X4500HD.

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Runs stably, case fans do a good job of keeping everything cool.

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Well laid out inside--clean, easy to find components.

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Very little preinstalled bloatware compared to competitors.

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Good number of front USB ports--most prebuilt units only feature 2.

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Well-priced for the specs and overall quality.

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Slim, lightweight chassis that fits well in most setups.

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Not expansion-friendly, like most prebuilt offerings.

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Could easily build a comparable system for the same price or lower with better expansion options.

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Dated processor options, limited to DDR2.

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The Dell Vostro 220s is an entry model slim mini tower designed for small businesses or those who require a desktop with expandability potential and have limited in office or desktop space. Essentially the specs and performance capabilities of the 220s is identical to the 220, just made more compact and lighter, at 17.6lbs. Many options are available, from processor, graphics cards to optical drive, this mini tower has the potential to be a powerful unit, or remain a price sensitive reliable business tool. A choice between Intel Celeron, Pentium, or Core 2 Duo processor will dictate the overall profile of the Vostro 220s, and the price to reflect it. The basic model for $369 comes equipped Intel Celeron Processor with a CPU speed of 1.8 GHz. 1GB of memory is installed while an additional 2GB can be added using the 2 DIMMs slots, while the hard drive will be working with ATA and 160GB. The graphics card is an integrated Video Intel GMA X4500HD. The single drive 16X DVD-ROM, included in the price is basic, but can be upgraded to a Blueray Combo drive if a more dedicated desktop is desired.   

  • Intel Celeron, Pentium or Core 2 Duo Processor
  • 1.8GHz CPU as standard
  • Up to 2 Hard Drives and 750 GB
  • 6X Blu-ray Disc Combo or 16X CD/DVD burner upgrade
  • Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernat LAN on system board
  • VGA, 8 USB (4 in front)
  • Integrated 5.1 Channel Audio HD
  • Variety of expansion slots
  • 17.6 lbs
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