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The 9100 is the first Dell desktop to include the Intel Core i7 internal processor.

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Runs surprisingly quietly, even at maximum loads.

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Built-in media card reader is well-placed on the case for easy access.

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Case airflow is competent as even the highest configurations run fairly cool with stock fans.

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Case design is a bit more attractive than most typical all-black offerings.

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One of the cheapest ways of obtaining a system with Intel's 6-core 980X.

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Doesn't ship with a physical copy of Windows in case of a hard drive failure.

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Dell's case is a HUGE full tower, takes up a lot of space.

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The Studio XPS 9100 is a high-performance desktop computer from Dell that offers a step-up from the other models in the company's Studio XPS series, including the Studio XPS 8100. Comprising a wide variety of upgradeable features, the 9100 is the first Dell desktop to include the Intel Core i7 internal processor. The i7 offers quad-core and six-core options for optimal processing speeds, and is built to handle intense multi-tasking with minimal latency. Powerful video cards from ATI and NVIDIA are available, with four different types of Radeons from the former and a high-end GeForce model from the latter. The computer ships with the user's choice of Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional or Home Premium operating system, all of which are optimized for 64-bit performance. A tri-channel DDR3 bank is included with SDRAM expandability up to 6 DIMM slots, making more a potential 24 gigabytes of working memory. The SATA II hard drive is equally as expandable, with three total hard drive bays and a maximum storage capacity of 4 terabytes. The Studio XPS 9100 is also equipped with a 525-watt power supply that can prevent heat or processing overload problems in fully loaded models. Multiple front and rear ports are built-in, including eight total USB 2.0 inputs, headphone and microphone line-ins, eSATA and HDMI ports as well as two separate 15 and 17-way universal card readers. 

  • Pure White and Translucent Black colors with Brilliant Crimson Orange accents
  • Intel Core i7 internal processor with quad-core and six-core options
  • Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional and Home Premium OS options
  • Up to 24GB of SDRAM memory
  • Up to 2000GB of hard drive space
  • Blu-Ray Disc player with DVD +/- RW and dual drive options
  • ATI Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce video card options
  • 10, 100 or 1000-gigabit ethernet LAN options
  • Optional internal wireless communication
  • 4 front and 4 rear USB 2.0 ports
  • ESATA, HDMI and microphone ports
  • 15 and 17-in-1 media card readers
Post Review
02/27/2011 03:30

How many sata base devices can you use from the Studio 9100 motherboard ?The Studio comes with enough room for 3 HD and 2 optical drives.

01/06/2011 07:36

Dell tecks say that the ati cards are not retail cards and the version/configuration/settings used by dell allow for only a 525 watt power supply. It may be that you don't get the full ability of the ati graphic card 5970 that is dell specific as you would with a retail model and a bigger power supply.

Stephen Hendricks
08/23/2010 08:30

I am at a loss to understand how Dell could allow this system to be configured with a i7 960 processor, much less the more extreme options and the ATI 5970 graphic card with a 525 watt power supply. There is simply not enough power for such a system.

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