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Dell's Studio XPS 7100 is a more consumer-based addition to it's high-end desktop series.

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Attractive exterior design that's striking without being flashy.

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Immobilizing bracket on the GPU keeps it firmly in place during travel.

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Angled chassis design makes it easy to access front media ports.

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Very little preloaded bloatware--just a single Dell Dock that offers access to bloatware.

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Interior comes fairly neat and well laid out.

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Overpriced compared to similar custom builds.

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Very limited expansion ability.

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Dell's Studio XPS 7100 is a more consumer-based addition to it's high-end desktop series.  It has many options and upgrades available when ordering it, and comes in three different teirs: Premium Vision, Ultimate Vision and Black Vision.  The latter, Black Vision, is the most powerful Studio XPS 7100 version, equipped with AMD's Phenom II X6 six-core processor which allows for the installation of up to 16 GB of DDR3 SDRAM memory.  The Studio XPS 7100 is also equipped with dual hard drive bays, which means a maximum of 4 TB of hard drive space, although Dell offers to install only a maximum of 1.5 TB.  The 7100 also includes your choice of the Phenom II six-core processor (starting at $699) or the Athlon II quad-core processor (starting at $499).

When building your Studio XPS 7100 you can choose from a range of ATI Radeon HD graphics cards, Windows 7 operating systems, warranty and service options, optical DVD and blue-ray burning drives, speakers, and keyboards and mice. You can also choose to add the Dell 1525 wireless card, Hauppauge HVR 1250 TV tuner, and Dell wireless 365 bluetooth when ordering this computer.  You can choose the amount of memory you want, from 6 GB to a max of 16 GB.  You can also choose the size of monitor you want, from none at all to a 24" full HD monitor.  One of the drawbacks, however, is the fact that you can only order the computer with a maximum of 1.5 TB hard drive space, when there is enough room for up to 4 TB of storage.  The good news is that aftermarket hard drive installation is quick, easy and probably cheaper than getting Dell to do it before hand.

When ordering this computer, you also have the option of buying some other discounted items that could come in handy with your new desktop, including external optical drives, back-up external hard drives, printers, ink cartridges, wireless routers and all kinds of software inlcuding Microsoft Word and McAfee Virus Protection.

With all these options, the Studio XPS 7100 from Dell can be a cheap multi-purpose computer for those that use it occassionally, or it can be a contender with Dell's flagship Studio XPS 9000 in high-end gaming and audio/video production.

Key Features
  • consumer addition to Dell's high-end desktop line-up.
  • Three teirs to choose from: Premium Vision, Ultimate Vision and Black Vision (latter is best)
  • available with Phenom II six-core processor or the Athlon II quad-core processor
  • up to 16 GB of DDR3 memory available
  • maximum of 1.5 TB (factory)
  • varying options of ATI Radeon HD graphics cards
  • varying warranty and service options
  • available monitors from 20" to 24" full HD
  • Windows 7
  • option of DVD burning drive or blue-ray burning drive
  • McAfee Virus Protection
  • Microsoft Word available in package
  • oversized, 460-watt power supply to support future upgrades to the CPU and AMD's ATI graphics processors
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