The Optiplex XE is a desktop computer from the Dell company.

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The Optiplex XE is a desktop computer from the Dell company. Utilizing a purpose-built design for long-term usage and high-temperature resistance, this model offers two distinct form factor options for a wide variety of home and business applications. A 3.5-year purchase life cycle helps to reduce additional servicing and labor costs associated with many modern desktops, while an additional 6-month managed transitional period is provided for users wanting to switch to a different Dell computer. Processing options include Intel's Core 2 Duo, Pentium Dual Core and standard Celeron chipsets, with native support of Windows' 7-series operating system in both 32 and 64-bit capacities. Internal DDR3 memory is upgradable to a maximum of 8 gigabytes, with SATA hard drive support offering up to 500GB of storage space. Six USB 2.0 ports are provided as a standard feature with a total of 10 available, including a single 24-volt powered port for bus charging external devices. Remote management is available in the form of Broadcom's TruManage, enabling IT monitoring for automatic updating and patch fixing when the computer is not in use. Common troubleshooting errors are remedied through Dell's DirectDetect system, communicating with user via a set of intelligent LEDs. The Optiplex XE also incorporates a number of eco-friendly technologies manageable through the Energy Smart power settings, and has received certification from both Energy Star and EPEAT. 

  • Matte Black aesthetic
  • Purpose-built, temperature-resistent design
  • Broadcom TruManage remote operation support
  • Dell Energy Smart power settings 
  • VGA support 
  • 3.5-year purchase life cycle
  • Built-in system monitoring 
  • Tool-less power supply 
  • Up to 10 USB 2.0 ports
  • Two form factor options 
  • EPEAT Gold certification 
  • Energy Star compliant 
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