The Dell OptiPlex FX160 is a mid-grade desktop computer designed for use in a light commercial or business environment.

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The Dell OptiPlex FX160 is a mid-grade desktop computer designed for use in a light commercial or business environment. The FX160 can serve as a secure server that streams a client application or an on demand desktop application, both of which allow remote access options. The OptiPlex FX160 also includes additional security features to ensure company data remains private; integrated Symantec Endpoint Protection alleviates worry from hackers and viruses while a unique smart-card keyboard lock keeps nearby physical snoopers out of the system without proper authority. The FX160 server PC also includes data which is stored in the center of the device; Dell claims this protects the data even more from theft.

The FX160 desktop supports the Intel Atom (230,330) processor family combined with the SiSM671 Northbridge and SiS968 Southbridge chipsets. The FX160 includes two native DIMM slots which are fully compatible with 800MHz single channel DDR2 RAM modules up to 4GB total. Additional FX160 hardware includes an integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet adapter, a 160GB 2.5" hard drive, and a 50W power supply.

All the equipment for operating the machine is included with the FX160 device and their specific features can be seen listed below.

  • Mid-grade Business Server Desktop
  • Remote Access: Client Application/On Demand Desktop Streaming
  • Symantec Endpoint Data Protection
  • Smart-Card Keyboard
  • Kensington Lock Support
  • 45nm Low Power Processor Support (Intel Atom)
  • 87% Energy Efficient Machine
  • Energy Star and EPEAT Gold Certifications
  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Included
    • Dell Help Desk Support
  •  Processor
    • Intel Atom 230 1.6GHz Single Core
    • Intel Atom 330 1.6GHz Dual Core
  • Chipsets
    • SiSM671 Northbridge
    • SiS968 Southbridge
  • Memory: 2 DIMM Slots
    • 800MHz single channel DDR2 RAM (up to 4GB)
    • SiS Chipset: 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM
  • Storage
    • 2.5" 160GB HDD (7200 RPM)
    • 64GB Solid State Drive
  • Network Interface
    • 10/100/1000 Ethernet (Broadcom LOM)
    • Dell Wireless: 1397 802.11 b/g
  • Ports
    • USB 2.0 (6)
    • RJ-45 (1)
    • PS2 (2)- Mouse/Keyboard
    • VGA (1)
    • DVI (1)
    • Serial (1)
    • Line-in- Stereo/Microphone
    • Line-out- Headphone/Speaker
  • Security
    • Chassis Loop Lock Support (Cable Lock not included)
    • Cable Security Kit (Kensington Lock)
    • Setup/BIOS Password Lock
    • I/O Interface Security Lock
    • Smart Card Reader Keyboard Compatibility (optional)
  • Chassis/Expansion
    • 50W Power Supply
    • Extra Slots: NONE
  • Dimensions
    • Weight: 4.6 lbs./2.09 kg
    • Height: 10.6"/26.9 cm with stand
    • Width: 2.13"/5.4 cm with side cover
    • Depth: 9.92"/25.2 cm with antenna
    • Chassis Volume: 3.3L with stand and side cover
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