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The Dell Inspiron 560 is a desktop PC.

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The choices in colors are great. It's not just black anymore!

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easy to setup and configure

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value - decent performance for the price

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good customer support from the manufacturer

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lots of customization options from the manufacturer

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not suitable for all flash drives - the front USB ports have little space between them

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the largest hard drive available to it is 500GB - might not be enough storage for some

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only includes a 300 watt power supply - limits future upgrade options

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The Dell Inspiron 560 is a desktop PC. It can be anywhere from low-end to high-end, depending on what options the customer chooses when buying it. It is designed for not only casual users who use only basic programs and software, but also more active users who use more resource demanding programs. It features a selection of three types of disk drives, up to 1TB of storage on a harddrive, and an upgradable graphics card. When purchasing the Inspiron 560, a user may choose between three kinds of disk drives; a Blu-ray drive, capable of playing DVDs and Blu-ray disks, a Blu-ray disk burner, capable of burning and playing DVDs and Blu-ray disks, or a DVD+/-RW drive, capable of playing and burning DVDs. A customer may also choose a harddrive with up to 1TB of storage, giving a more active user plenty of space for large programs and software. Though the default graphics card is an integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500, a customer may instead choose to have the more advanced NVIDIA GeForce GT 220. With the NVIDIA graphics card, a user is enabled to watch high definition video smoother, and play more advanced PC games. When compared to a close variation of it, the Dell Inspiron 560s, both PCs appear to be nearly identical in performance. However, the 560s has a different graphics card a user may choose to upgrade to, the NVIDIA GeForce G310.

  • Choice of three disk drives: Blu-ray, Blu-ray burner, DVD+/-RW
  • Up to 1TB harddrive
  • Up to NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 graphics card
  • Up to 8GB Dual-Channel DDR3 RAM
  • Four DIMM slots
  • Four operating systems to choose from (Windows 7 Home/Professional/Ultimate 64-bit, Vista Home 32-bit)
  • Four Intel processors to choose from (Celeron, Pentium Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad)
  • Integrated 7.1 channel audio (upgradable to Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio)
  • Six USB 2.0 ports (2 front, 4 back)
  • 19-in-1 media card reader
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